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Watch House of Cards 3 trailer featuring Sherlock star

Netflix have released the first trailer for the third series of award-winning political series House of Cards and things seem to really be heating up for new President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his wife Claire (Robin Wright).

One person who features heavily in the fast-paced taster is Lars Mikkelsen, who plays Russian President Petrov, who at first appearance bears an uncanny resemblance to real Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

It seems safe to say that TV will also be reflecting real life in more ways than one, with the tension between Prime Minister Petrov and President Underwood appearing to provide a major storyline for the new series.

Not only do we see Petrov refusing to shake the President's hand, but we also see the Russian leader stealing a kiss with the First Lady!

Will Frank and Claire's marriage survive the pressure of life in the White House?

House of Cards series 3 is released on Netflix on Friday, February 27