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Waterloo Road's Carl Au: ‘Barry is like Marmite!’

Barry Barry’s antics in tonight's finale of Waterloo Road leave a bad taste in the mouth, yet actor Carl Au reckons fans still love him, one way or another!

Tonight Barry steals money from boxing camp fundraising events for his sister, Kacey, but Carl believes Waterloo Road fans enjoy the bad boy.

My Twitter followers have blown through the roof since I joined Waterloo Road," he said. "I’m so grateful people are investing in Barry’s storylines and following his journey.

"I think he’s a bit like Marmite – you either really love him, or you really love to hate him!”

In an interview with What’s on TV earlier this year Carl said: “I love when viewers who connect with the show tweet me. I try and respond to as many followers as I can to let them know I appreciate their support.”

We’ll have to wait until the next series to find out what lies ahead for Barry, but Carl reveals he’d like to see him meet someone special…

“I think Barry really needs someone or something in his life. He’s always fighting wars. It would take something miraculous for someone to get his guard down, but it could be really interesting. I’d love to explore that. It would completely knock him down!”

Read Carl's interview with What’s on TV here.