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What Is CuriosityStream?

Best answer: CuriosityStream is a non-fiction streaming service that is perfect for your documentary-binging desires. This "Netflix of Non-Fiction" offers award-winning non-fiction content from some of the top experts in space, science, technology, and nature. The catalog of over 2,400 episodes is being updated with new content weekly.

  • CuriosityStream Standard: From $3/mo (opens in new tab) (7 day Free trial, then $3/mo or $20/yr)
  • CuriosityStream Premium: From $10/mo (opens in new tab) (7 day Free trial, then $10/mo or $70/yr)

What will I find at CuriosityStream?

At CuriosityStream, you will find content that covers a bit of everything. They have been around since 2015 with stories detailing everything from science and technology to history and nature. CuriosityStream strives to keep curiosity alive. Founded by the former Chairman of Discovery Communications (you know the parent company Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, and others of the like) there is a pedigree from the top that expanding knowledge is something that is at the core of CuriosityStream.

Their vast catalog is updated weekly with new feature documentaries and series. CuriosityStream has done a great job curating content from some very well know experts in various fields, such as Stephen Hawking and David Attenborough. Just as impressive is their advisory board. It's filled with a long list of highly accomplished folks in areas ranging from film and music to physics and health. CuriosityStream is striving to be the go-to streaming service for all non-fiction related viewing.

How do I get it?

Once you have decided to get started, you'll need to choose between their two subscription options, then the version you want. To clarify, CuriosityStream has a standard tier and a premium tier.

  • Standard HD: $2.99/month or $19.99/yearly billed annually
  • Premium 4K: $9.99/month or $69.99/yearly billed annually

Both options offer the full video catalog, unlimited viewing across various devices, HD quality or better, plus a 7-day free trial to check out the service. The difference between the tiers comes in the form of price and the availability of 4K.

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