What's Maxine hiding in next week's In The Club?

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Surrogate mum Shelly finally gave birth to the baby she was carrying for gay couple Andrew and Nathan in tonight's episode of In The Club.

Up to now, Shelly (Gemma Dobson) has seemed more than happy to go through with the arrangement – especially as she wants the £10,000 that Andrew (Andrew Buckley) and Nathan (Paul Nicholls) are offering to pay off her debts and hopefully open a beauty salon.

But after giving birth in tonight’s episode, Shelly seemed reluctant to let Andrew and Nathan take their newborn son – Sebastian – home immediately, clearly wanted to spend a little time with her baby before giving him up.

And, as the story continues next week, Andrew in particular is terrified that Shelly won't want to hand Sebastian over having had a chance to bond with her son.

Shelly with Nathan (Paul Nicholls), Andrew (Andrew Buckley) and baby Sebastian

But that’s not the only drama for Shelly and her mum Maxine who, at the start of the series, came running out of the hospital toilets with a newborn baby boy, saying she’d found him in there!

Since then, a concerned Maxine's been regularly visiting the tot in the hospital's neo-natal ward. And, next week, Maxine's got something to add to her worries when she learns that her husband Micky, who abandoned her and went off to Dubai, is coming home…

"Maxine’s husband left her, so she went on a wild holiday to Ibiza and slept around," revealed Sandra Huggett, who plays her. "She still really loves her husband though, and when she hears Micky’s coming home she completely panics in case he finds out what she’s been up to."

It turns out that Maxine’s harbouring a huge secret that could destroy her chances of reuniting with Micky. With nowhere to turn, Maxine confides in daughter Shelly – who’s stunned. Maxine then comes up with a crazy idea that she’s certain will stop Micky from EVER finding out!

"She's made a really terrible mistake and she's terrified of losing her husband," said Sandra. "So she comes up with this desperate plan.

"Maxine thinks her plan will work if Shelly comes on board with it, but obviously it doesn’t go as smoothly as she hopes! She doesn’t really think before she does something.”

Find out what Maxine’s big secret is – and how she tries to hide it, in next week’s In The Club on Tuesday May 24 at 9pm on BBC1.

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