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What's on TV for Friday, August 14

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We’ve finally made it to Friday. If you’re looking for a movie to cap off the week, Netflix’s original superhero movie Project Power officially dropped today. HGTV has a new episode of Martha Knows Best tonight to help give you some inspiration to spruce up your home while you’re still quarantining, and Shark Week continues on Discovery with Tiger Shark King tonight. Yes, you read that right: Tiger Shark King.

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Project Power

After numerous teases, Netflix officially dropped its superhero movie Project Power today. The Netflix original offers a special twist on your traditional superhero movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx star in the movie as a police officer and an ex-soldier that are trying to rid the streets of a new drug that gives you superpowers for 5 minutes. The only issue? You don’t know what that superhero is going to be until you take the pill.

Watch anytime on Netflix.

Alien Sharks: First Contact

What’s better than a show about sharks? A show about aliens and sharks, obviously. Shark Week continues tonight with a look at alien sharks that live in exceptionally deep waters. Watch researches attempt to make first contact with the elusive frilled shark as well as the sleeper shark and cookie cutter shark.

Watch at 8pm EDT

The Greatest #AtHome Videos

Cedric the Entertainer hosts tonight’s all new episode of of The Greatest #AtHome Videos. Much like the America’s Greatest Home Videos of yore, the show features some of the funniest and most surprising videos viewers have caught at home. There’s definitely a few chuckles to be had along the way.

Watch tonight at 8pm EDT on CBS.

Martha Knows Best

While we’re all spending a lot more time at home, there’s no one that knows home quite like Martha Stewart. Tonight, Martha builds a stone pathway in her yard that leads to her peacocks. Yes, Martha Stewart owns peacocks. She also chats with Lupita Nyong’o about how to arrange fresh flowers and offers some advice for beginning gardeners.

Watch tonight at 10pm EDT on HGTV.

Tiger Shark King

Sure, you may have watched Tiger King back at the beginning of the pandemic, but have you seen Tiger Shark King? In Tiger Shark King a 14-foot tiger shark has been attacked by something, and we’re searching to find out what. Early guesses include an unknown shark species or potentially a cannibalistic tiger shark.

Watch tonight at 10pm EDT on Discovery.

The Legend of Korra (Seasons 1-4)

All four seasons of The Legend of Korra drop on Netflix today. The show is the follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Seasons include Book One: Air, Book Two: Spirits, Book Three: Change, and Book Four: Balance. Netflix is making all four seasons available at the same time today, so you can binge through the whole thing this weekend if you want.

Watch anytime on Netflix.

Real Time With Bill Maher

It’s been a big week in politics, which means it will also likely be a big week on Bill Maher. The show is airing a new episode tonight. Guests include Labor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Colin Cowherd, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Andrew Yang.

Watch tonight at 10pm EDT on HBO.