What's on TV for Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

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Alright, folks. We're here, it's Tuesday, and maybe things aren't so bad. Or maybe things are on fire, we don't actually know your life. What we do know is that the TV is still there to give us hugs when we're sad. Or happy! Some folks just like hugs from their electronics, we're not here to judge.

What we are here to do is give you some solid recommendations for your viewing pleasure on this, the Tuesday of the 21st. If you're looking for some political commentary, we've got a brand new nightly show with your literal commentary, a film for your metaphorical commentary, and some other stuff that will either stress you right out or relax you completely depending on your personality type! 

'The Reidout' 

The Reidout is a Washington, D.C. based show with a strong political bent (leaning into Reid's impressive experience in the subject as host, novelist, and public speaker). It will focus on one-on-one conversations between the host and her guests and intends to touch on provocative political issues from both sides of the aisle. 

The show had its debut yesterday. Each episode will focus on current events of the given day, featuring Reid's commentary on the matter in addition to discussions with her guests.

Watch The Reidout at 5:00PM EST on MSNBC

Top Rank Boxing: Veles vs. Valdez

Tune into tonight's super-featherweight's match featuring Jayson Velez (29-6-1, 21 KOs) vs. Oscar Valdez (27-0, 21 KOs) in Las Vegas. The card will also feature a super-middleweights match between Berlanga and Moon.

You can watch Top Rank Boxing live at 6PM EST on ESPN.

'Green Room'

Because "Nazi punks, fuck off" is the exact kind of mentality we all need while dealing with the current events unfolding in the United States. Also because Green Room happens to be one of the most exceptional films of 2016 and is available to stream. The film features the late Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart, but don't go in hoping to see Stewart in his standard role!

Watch Green Room on Netflix.

'Cast Away'

Here's the thing - I really can't say if watching a movie like Cast Away would be cathartic or sadistic right now. Fact of the matter is, it probably differs for everyone! If you fall under the cathartic category when it comes to this isolated Tom Hanks jam, tonight's your opportunity to tune in and spend some time with Wilson.

Watch Cast Away at 6:15 EST on HBO.


Yes, you read that title right. The show is hosted by Dr. Michael Heithaus, who seeks to reveal the connection between sharks and volcanos. Does he succeed? Who knows! But National Geographic did give him his own show on the subject, so he must be onto something. No matter what, you get sharks and volcanos. There's really no losing here. 

Watch Sharkcano at 7PM EST on NGC.


Anna Faris and Allison Janney's sitcom Mom has remained consistently funny since season one. That can be hard to do when you find yourself half way through your sixth season. This week sees Bonnie (Janney) dealing with some brother drama while she and Christie (Faris) find themselves in a scrape with the law. 

Watch Mom at 9:00PM EST on CMT. 

'Deadliest Catch' 

Deadliest Catch is the type of series that keeps the viewer stressed out for 90% of the show, and that's exactly what keeps them coming back. Now on its sixteenth season, this week's episode features complicated health drama and a ship with damaged hydraulics that could leave the crew in jeopardy. 

Watch Deadliest Catch at 9:00PM EST on DSC.

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