What's new on HBO Max in March 2023

Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfayden standing next to each other in Succession
Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfayden in Succession (Image credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO)

Not only does March usher in the spring in the US, but it also marks the triumphant return of the Emmy-winning series Succession and the highly-anticipated second season of Perry Mason on HBO Max. Additionally, the new month hosts the final episode of everyone’s favorite new apocalyptic venture, The Last of Us. All in all, for those who love a great drama, HBO Max is a great go-to place for streamers in March. 

Below, we've provided a complete list of everything new to the platform, but first, here's what we’ve selected as our must-watch picks. 

Best TV show on HBO Max in March: Succession season 4 (March 26)

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin standing next to each other in Succession

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin in Succession (Image credit: Claudette Barius/HBO)

With the announcement that Succession will end with season 4, we are anticipating the story of the Roy family is going to get even more cutthroat. With a series finale in sight, the question immediately becomes, who will wind up ruling the media conglomerate at the heart of the show? 

Other series HBO Max subscribers should be on the lookout for are Perry Mason season 2 premiering on March 6 and The Last of Us season finale airing on March 12. 

Best movie on HBO Max in March: Selena (March 1)

Jennifer Lopez as Selena dancing on the stage in Selena the movie

Jennifer Lopez in Selena (Image credit: RICCO TORRES/AFP via Getty Images)

Selena is coming to HBO Max, and that’s great news for fans of both the Tejano singer and for those that loved watching Jennifer Lopez in the role that launched her acting career. For many that have seen the film, the biopic is one of the better ones that was made in the ‘90s and continues to be a must-watch drama over 25 years after its initial release. 

On another note, with Creed III debuting in theaters, for those that need a reminder of what has happened in the Rocky spinoff thus far, Creed and Creed II become available to stream on HBO Max on March 1.  

Best reality program on HBO Max in March: Beach Cottage Chronicles season 2 (March 17)

Man with a dog playing outside of a beach cottage in Beach Cottage Chronicles

Beach Cottage Chronicles (Image credit: Magnolia network)

If you enjoy watching programs about houses and real estate, and love a good beach view, Beach Cottage Chronicles serves as a good option for you. The series showcases some amazing beach homes and goes into the history of the properties and why they’re so special to the communities in which they’re located.  

What’s new on HBO Max in March 2023

(HBO Max originals marked in bold) 

March 1 

  • The Accused (1988)    
  • Basic (2003)   
  • Beatriz at Dinner (2017)   
  • Best of Enemies (2015)    
  • The Big Hit (1998)    
  • Bloodsport (1988)   
  • The Blue Lagoon (1980)    
  • Breathe (2017)    
  • The Brothers Bloom (2008)    
  • The Circle (2017)    
  • Cobra (1986)    
  • Creed (2015)     
  • Creed II (2018)     
  • A Dangerous Method (2011)    
  • The Expendables (2010)   
  • The Expendables 2 (2012)    
  • The Expendables 3 (2014) 
  • Finding Forrester (2000)   
  • Ghost Ship (2002)    
  • House at the End of the Street (2012)    
  • I Am Love (2009)   
  • I Love You, Man (2009)    
  • Iris (2014)    
  • The Jacket (2005)     
  • The Kid (2019)    
  • Lemon (2017)     
  • Long Shot (2019)    
  • Lucy (2014)     
  • Make Your Move (2013)     
  • Milk (2008)   
  • My Bloody Valentine (1981)     
  • Next Day Air (2009)    
  • Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)     
  • Outrage (2009)   
  • Results (2015)   
  • Rocknrolla (2008)   
  • Selena (1997)   
  • School Life (2016)    
  • Sinister (2012)   
  • Spawn (1997)   
  • Speed Racer (2008)   
  • Tangerine (2015)     
  • Trespass Against Us (2016)   
  • This is the End (2013)   
  • Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos (A Brave Little Rooster) (2015)    
  • Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)   
  • White God (2014)    
  • Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger (2014)   
  • The Wife (2018)     
  • You Got Served (2004) 

March 2

  • Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me (2023)    
  • Mariachis season 1 premiere 

March 6

  • Perry Mason season 2 premiere  
  • Rain Dogs season 1 premiere 

March 8

  • Mortal Kombat (2021) 

March 12

  • The Last of Us season 1 finale 

March 17 

  • Beach Cottage Chronicles season 2 

March 19

  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022) 

March 23

  • Only You: The Animated Shorts Collections (2023) 

March 26

  • Succession season 4 premiere 

March 29

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) 

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