Will Chris Evans' Captain America return to the MCU?

Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger.
Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Entertainment has always been an industry absolutely rife with rumors. Ace scoopers do their best to get the biggest stories out as fast as they can in order to pay tribute to the click gods so that their websites can survive. Give that you’re reading this on website—we can’t really judge. If you were on the internet today, you know that today’s flavor of the week is the potential for Chris Evans to reprise his role as Captain America in the MCU.

So… will Steve Rogers return to the present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble here, but the answer is very probably a no. It’s not even because Chris Evans denied the rumors shortly after. Marvel made Hailee Steinfeld and Tatiana Maslany lie for months! It’s more because there’s just no justifiable cause to do so.

Though this is a comic book franchise and these guys never stay dead, that’s not necessarily a problem with Captain America right now. Not only is Steve Rogers still very much alive, he’s also comfortable and happy with two canonical successors to the Captain America shield taking care of things in the present-day. The Steve Rogers iteration of Cap could conceivably return for a myriad of reasons, but there’s really no cause for it to happen. The MCU isn’t big on endings, but his is one of the most satisfying tales that they’ve managed to tell. It seems unlikely that they’d be quick to “undo” that by tossing him back into the story now.

If we do see Rogers return, it better be in a way that we see Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) return with him. Steve might have gotten a satisfying close, but the MCU did Peggy dirty and fans are still clamoring for more of her story.



Amelia Emberwing

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