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Will Mellor: ‘My favourite scene was cut from Broadchurch!’

Broadchurch hysteria continues to mount following the shocking start to the new series on ITV, but actor Will Mellor told What’s on TV revealed he found it shocking for completely different reasons… his emotional scenes in series one ended on the cutting room floor!

When asked whether he suffered the common actor's phobia of watching himself back on screen, Will revealed: “It’s important for me to critique myself – or even pat myself on the back if I get something right. By the time something comes out of the edit, they may have cut a whole scene, a bit of a scene or even some words, so it’s important to watch it. Though sometimes you think ‘Where did that full scene go?

“There’s a scene I did in Broadchurch - and it was my favourite scene for the whole series - where my character, Steve the psychic, has a big breakdown moment in the church. It was a great scene where he wonders if he’s going to crazy or if gGod’s talking to him, but it never made it to screen. I was gutted!”

Although former Hollyoaks star Will isn’t reprising his Broadchurch role in series two, he revealed he's not resting on his laurels in 2015: “I’ve just finished filming a new series by Paul Abbott called No Offence which will be out on Channel 4 later this year. We also start filming the second series of In the Club in July.

“All of the cast is coming back and there are lots of places it can go – my character Rick is in prison, so we’ll find out what’s going to happen with his children. And Hermione Norris’s character has a hidden secret with her partner’s father!

“When you have a hit on your hands there’s a lot of pressure to make the next series even better. If anyone can get this one right, writer Kay Mellor can!”

Will also guested as a murder suspect in Death in Paradise last week. Read our full interview here.