Worst Witch fans double take as Mildred Hubble stars in The Last of Us

Mildred Hubble (Bella Ramsey) holding a big book in their witch robes for The Worst Witch
Bella Ramsey as Mildred Hubble. (Image credit: BBC)

The Worst Witch fans have gotten quite a shock after spotting former star Bella Ramsey pop up in a very different role in The Last Of Us.

For those not in the know, The Worst Witch was a children's fantasy TV series based on the series of books by Jill Murphy. It follows the titular witch herself, Mildred Hubble, a witch who is shipped off to an academy for witches who doesn't exactly take to the study of magic, unlike her peers. Bella Ramsey played the lead role in the first three series, before bowing out and handing the role over to Lydia Page. 

Mildred Hubble really couldn't be more different from the role that Bella is currently playing as part of The Last Of Us cast. In The Last Of Us, Bella plays Ellie, the teenager which Joel (played by The Mandalorian frontman, Pedro Pascal) is charged with protecting and transporting across a version of the United States that's been completely ravaged by a pandemic caused by the cordyceps fungus.

It's clear that there were some fans out there who weren't expecting to see a former CBBC star cropping up in what looks set to be one of the year's biggest shows, though, as viewers were quick to point out where they knew the young star from. 

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If you're not aware of The Worst Witch, Bella's other most prominent performance is likely her appearance in Game of Thrones. There, they played Lady Lyanna Mormont, the ruler of House Mormont. Despite her young age, Lyanna held her own among the Northern leaders and was one of many valuable allies Jon Snow recruited in the war against the Night King.

Outside of Game of Thrones and The Last Of Us, you may also know Bella Ramsey for appearances in Catherine Called Birdy, Becoming Elizabeth, His Dark Materials and for being the voice of the titular character in the animated series, Hilda.

The Last Of Us season premiere is now available to stream on HBO Max and NOW. New episodes air weekly on Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO and HBO Max and at 2 am and 9 pm GMT on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

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