You can already watch the first episode of 'Good Eats: The Return' on YouTube!

We've already gone into great detail about the best ways to watch Good Eats: The Return , when it returns to the world on Aug. 25. Turns out there's an even easier way to watch the full first episode. Right now, on YouTube. (Seriously. Just, ya know, look up. We've embedded it right here.)

It's already amassed more than a quarter-million views in its second day online, which is saying something for a cooking show that doesn't feature contestants battling it out. (Of course, Good Eats guru Alton Brown is hardly a stranger to that genre, too.)

The target of the first episode of the rebirth of the classic (and kitschy) cooking show? The venerable chicken parm. Which, it turns out, comes from New York City. (New York City?!?!?)

Good Eats , if you've somehow missed the iconic series from television, takes a look not just at the history of a dish, but quite often the science that makes it what it is. (Except for maybe fruit cake. That stuff just ain't right.) And it does so in a way that's fun, education, and often more than a little cheesy. (If not also plenty self-aware.)