'Casualty' spoilers: Matthew's SECRET trauma!

Osi Okerafor plays Matthew Afolami in Casualty
A shock incident brings back traumatic memories for medic Matthew. (Image credit: BBC)

Things get interesting for medic Matthew Afolami in this week’s Casualty (BBC1, 9.30pm – see our TV Guide for listings), when his day starts off badly, then gets worse… before it gets a whole lot better.

Late for work and stuck in traffic, Matthew (Osi Okerafor) gets a shock when a young girl, Farrah, runs out in front of his car, injured after a knife fight, and leaves a bloodied handprint on his windscreen. 

Osi Okerafor plays Matthew Afolami in Casualty

Matthew's frozen to the spot when a bloodied Farrah runs out in front of his car. (Image credit: BBC)

Having been a doctor in some the world’s trouble spots and, still not over the crash that killed Fenisha and Lev, the incident causes Matthew to experience flashbacks. 

Then, when a woman is brought into the ED, having been shot by a crossbow when confronting poachers, Matthew freezes when performing a life-saving op. 

Savvy Stevie (Elinor Lawless), who’s made no secret of the fact she fancies Matthew, begins to suspect he’s showing signs of PTSD. 

Elinor Lawless plays Stevie Nash in Casualty

Stevie is concerned for Matthew and wonders whether she can help. (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Stevie reaches out to Matthew… and the pair end up in bed together! Is she just what he needs right now?

Also in 'Casualty' this week... 

Rash (Neet Mohan) is tipped over the edge when he’s racially profiled in a discriminatory stop and search. In the ED, Rash sees a face from his past when the girl, Farrah, who left a bloodied print on Matthew's windscreen, is brought into Casualty with knife wounds. 

Farrah’s youth worker, Hafsa, says she fell off her bike onto a broken bottle – and then it transpires that Hafsa is the younger sister of one of Rash's oldest friends. 

Rash Masum played by Neet Mohan

Rash's day starts off badly when he's singled out in a stop and search. (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Rash finds a knife on Farrah and contemplates covering up for the teen. Will he cross the thin blue line? 

This episode of Casualty airs on BBC1 at 9.30pm, on Saturday 2 October 2021. It will be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards. 

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