Casualty spoilers: Stevie Nash is ATTACKED!

Elinor Lawless plays Stevie Nash in Casualty
Does Stevie meet her match in this week's Casualty? (Image credit: BBC)

Stevie Nash is out to prove she's top doc as she gears up for her big interview in the Casualty episode Confidence and Paranoia (BBC One, 9.25pm, Saturday, November 26 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) but her important day goes from bad to worse as she treats a patient with an abusive boyfriend.

Elsewhere, the trauma of the job gets to Jan and Marty looks to the future following his break-up from Adi!

Full spoilers are below... 

Stevie crosses paths with a patient's threatening relative...

It's judgement day for Stevie Nash as she prepares for her Jac Naylor Award interview and learns she'll be in competition with ED rival Ethan Hardy. 

First, though, she must focus on work, as she treats singer Flo, who’d been making a music video with her boyfriend and manager Jordan, when she fell off a wall. 

Casualty Flo

Flo (Bridget Marumo) comes into the ED after having a fall near a railway. (Image credit: BBC)

When she suffers an unexplained seizure, Flo admits she's been micro-dosing on PCP (phencyclidine) that Jordan gave her to 'release her creativity'.

Convinced he’s abusing Flo, Stevie confronts Jordan, who tries to intimidate her…

Indeed, later, as Stevie’s pacing the corridor practising answers for her big interview, Jordan finds her and beats her up!

Sam John plays Jordan in Casualty

Jordan confronts Stevie — should she be afraid? (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan finds Stevie and she's rushed into the ED. But this doctor makes a terrible patient and, despite being bloodied and bruised, Stevie decides she WILL make it to her interview…

A tough day gets to Jan...

Paramedic Jan begins her shift a little down in the dumps but is comforted by the fact that at least her friend who died had a good send-off. Jan grants Teddy some leave before heading out with Sah to treat 'frequent flyer' Dev — but she and Sah lock horns when Sah takes a comment about their services being 'completely overstretched' to mean that they shouldn't request leave. 

Later, after Jan and Sah attend an RTC where a family are trapped in their vehicle, Jan assures Sah and Ffion that she's 'tough as old boots' but behind closed doors it seems she's anything BUT fine... 

Di Botcher plays Jan Jennings in Casualty

Has the weight of the day got to the normally stoic Jan? (Image credit: BBC)

Marty looks to a future without Adi!

Marty treats elderly patient Rita (Marji Campi) for a sprained wrist. Marty's still reeling following his recent split from Adi on what would have been egg implantation day in their surrogacy arrangement with Robyn.

Marji Campi plays Rita in Casualty

Can Rita's musings about a lost love help Marty move on? (Image credit: BBC)

Rita appears to have memory loss but she's able to recall happy times with 'her Ronnie'... until Ronnie's real identity is revealed. As Marty meets the social worker who's replaced Adi, is it really the end of the road for them?

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, November 26 2022 at 9.25 pm on BBC One and is available on iPlayer after transmission.

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