Casualty spoilers: Will David Hide die in deadly explosion?

David Hide grips to a railing, as his life hangs in the balance.
David Hide grips to life in the face of impossible danger. (Image credit: BBC)

Death threats force nurse David Hide to move out of his home this week, but his killer son’s reputation is inescapable in Casualty episode No Good Deed (BBC One, 8.45pm, Saturday 16 July 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings). Meanwhile, Dylan Keogh announces a major incident in this feature-length special. 

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David Hide’s death threat horror

David Hide is on edge as he moves out of his house into a flat, following a barrage of death threats, in this week’s feature length episode of Casualty.

Clutching an unopened evidence box of his dead son Ollie’s belongings, given to him by the police, David (Jason Durr) prays he can keep his head down in his new home. 

Yet despite the ED nurse’s hopes, the terrifying threats continue and one of his new neighbours, Lyra (Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson), warns him that he’s being watched…

Moments later an explosion rips through the building, causing carnage! 

David attempts to rescue terrified Lyra.

David attempts to rescue terrified Lyra. (Image credit: BBC)

As a major incident is declared, outside paramedics Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) and Iain Dean (Micheal Stevenson) prepare for mass casualties. 

Inside, David bravely puts his life on the line helping the wounded and performing risky rescues of trapped residents.

With the help of neighbour Callum (Little Boy Blue’s Robbie O’Neill), everyone is evacuated, but David worries that he was the target of the horrific explosion…

Callum is instrumental in helping rescue residents.

Callum is instrumental in helping rescue residents. (Image credit: BBC)

As soon as possible, guilt-ridden David re-enters the flats to get the evidence box, which could contain clues as to why Ollie committed mass murder at his high school. 

There, he runs into Jan and they hear Callum - who has returned for Lyra’s dog - calling for help from the maintenance room. 

Together, Jan and David attempt a rescue, but the unstable building collapses, putting them all in deadly danger! 

With time running out, will they die before anyone finds them?  

Panicked Jan and David decide to rescue Callum.

Jan and David team up to rescue Callum. (Image credit: BBC)

Stevie’s queasy love life is laid bare!

Prior to these events, at the ED Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) confides in closest friend, nurse Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell), that her relationship with Marcus Fidel has hit a toe-curling bump.

Aside: Marcus was once engaged to Stevie’s sister, Emma - but that didn’t stop him and Stevie having an affair. When Stevie revealed their infidelity, distraught and betrayed Emma crashed her car and was tragically left in a coma and eventually passed away. Recently, Stevie and Marcus have rekindled their ??relationship?? (for lack of a better word!), as a result of their united grief for Emma. 

Stevie gossips with Faith, unaware that Marcus is behind her.

Careful what you say Stevie. Marcus is behind you! (Image credit: BBC)

Anyway…. Stevie’s spooked because Marcus (Adam Sina) called her Emma - while they were in bed together! - and tells Faith that she’s ignoring him, until further notice. Which is a solid plan except for one small problem - this week Marcus rocks up to the ED and announces he’s the new management consultant! 

Soon, however, Stevie has bigger things on her mind as Dylan Keogh (William Beck) declares a major incident, as news of the explosion reaches the hospital.

Dylan Keogh makes a shocking announcement.

Dylan Keogh makes a shocking announcement. (Image credit: BBC)

All hands on deck

Dylan and Stevie begin clearing Resus in anticipation of seriously wounded patients.

As casualties pour in, and with Dylan otherwise occupied, Stevie puts her career on the line to perform a risky surgery, to the shock of her (latest!) archenemy. 

Anaesthetist, Jonty (Richard Harrington), feels he has no choice but to report Stevie, while she in turn calls into question his competence.

Exasperated clinical lead, Dylan, is more concerned with saving lives and trying to find out if David is alive, so he hands their complaints over to Marcus…

Richard Harrington as Jonty.

Dylan can't deal, so washes his hands of Jonty (pictured) and Stevie's complaints. (Image credit: BBC)

Iain’s fatal fears

Iain, along with his paramedic colleagues Jan, Sah and Teddy, works tirelessly to evaluate and treat casualties caught up in the explosion at the block of local flats during this action-packed episode. 

As their operation is winding down he’s shocked to get an emergency message from a seriously injured Jan, revealing that she’s trapped in the building’s basement with David and Callum. 

Iain directs the fire crew to their location, but the rescue is hampered by the fragility of the structure. Could this be a tragic end for those trapped inside?

A worried looking Iain, outside the flats.

Will Iain be able to save Jan, David and Callum? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week

Receptionist Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) plans to ask nurse Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) to partner up with him, romantically like! But when he gets wind of her surrogacy plans with Adi Kapadia (Raj Bajaj) and Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi), he contemptuously questions her morality. 

Paul has plenty to say - but will he wish he'd held his tongue?

Paul has plenty to say - but will he wish he'd held his tongue? (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Robyn - unknown to Paul - has already spoken to Marty and Adi and told them she has decided not to go through with the surrogacy. 

Has Paul blown his chances with Robyn? 

Robyn, Adi, and Marty talk together outside.

Robyn, Adi and Marty have much to discuss... (Image credit: BBC)

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) takes an instant dislike to Marcus. Which is bad news for the new manager. Charlie not liking you is never a good sign. Could this be an indication that Marcus is an untrustworthy addition to the ED? 

Adam Sina as Marcus Fidel.

Marcus shares Stevie's knack for making friends... (Image credit: BBC)

And, with David’s life in danger, will we ever discover what’s in the evidence box of Ollie’s belongings?

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, July 16 2022 at 8.45pm on BBC One. The episode is available on BBC iPlayer after transmission. 

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