Casualty spoilers: Will David Hide shun Ollie’s funeral?

David Hide wears a funeral suit - but will he actually go to Ollie's funeral?
David Hide faces another dark day. (Image credit: BBC)

David Hide makes a shock decision on the day of his killer son’s funeral in Casualty episode Parental Guidance (BBC One, 9.20pm, Saturday 02 July 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, Faith Cadogan lashes out.

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David Hide’s pain and shame

David Hide’s shame over his son’s murderous rampage at a local Holby high school reaches new depths this week in Casualty

It’s the day of mass-murderer Ollie Hide’s funeral, but his traumatised dad can’t face the ordeal. Instead, David (Jason Durr) turns up for work, to the shock of his ED colleagues! 

David Hide cowers in an ED store cupboard when accusations get too much.

Hide by name... David flees to the safety of a store cupboard when his first shift back at work gets too much. (Image credit: BBC)

Broken David blames himself for Ollie’s part in the school shooting — as do many others. This becomes apparent as he treats six-year-old Millie (Seosy Hennelly) and her mum demands a different medic. Meanwhile, receptionist Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) and (former?) friend Faith Cadogan make it clear that he’s not welcome at work…

Robyn gives David a kindly welcome, but Paul can't hide his disdain.

Robyn gives David a kindly welcome, but Paul can't hide his disdain. (Image credit: BBC)

Clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) seems to be his only support and arranges the funeral on David’s behalf.

Can Dylan persuade his grieving, guilt-stricken friend to say a final goodbye to his only child? 

Dylan and David dressed for Ollie's funeral, make their way to the church.

Dylan gets David to the church. Will David say goodbye to Ollie? (Image credit: BBC)

Horrifying home truths!

Nurse Faith Cadogan is frantic when her teenage daughter, Natalia, is rushed to the ED unconscious with bruising around her neck after experimental sex with her boyfriend, Tristan, results in a seizure. 

As fear and fury set in, Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) lashes out and attacks Tristan (Adam Seridji) in the hospital toilets! 

Shocked Faith by her unconscious daughter's bedside in the ED.

Faith is in disbelief when Ethan informs her Natalia has suffered a seizure. (Image credit: BBC)

Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) persuades shaken Faith to talk to Natalia (Zoe Brough), but unfortunately this ends up adding more fuel to the fire… 

The distressed mum walks into Resus only to discover her daughter confiding in David. Weeks of worry, fear and anger are unleashed, and Faith turns on David, blaming him and Ollie for causing her family all this residual harm.

Will her words tip David over the edge?

Adam Seridji as Tristan, who is uneasy at being in the ED.

First look: Adam Seridji as Tristan. Will he report Faith for assault? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week…

Stevie worries that she’s facing the chop when she misplaces a patient’s severed finger.

In a guest patient storyline that’s not for the squeamish, aspiring artist Bex (Alicia Lai) is brought into the ED when her friend Sid (David Alade) accidentally cuts off three of her fingers with a Katana sword, moments after revealing he’s in love with her. 

David Alade as Sid, holding a sword and talking to Bex (Alicia Lai) moments before her accident.

Squeamish viewers are advised to look away as soon as this scene appears on their screens.  (Image credit: BBC)

Sharp-tongued Stevie relishes the opportunity to treat Bex, but she quickly loses her edge when one of the digits goes missing.

Support comes unexpectedly from Dylan, who gives Stevie a hand in dealing with Bex’s difficult step-dad. But can they locate the missing finger, before the window for reattachment closes?

Stevie looks very worried when she realises what's happened.

Think you're having a bad day?  (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, away from the demands of the ED, Dylan is placed in the difficult position of organising Ollie’s funeral with the Funeral Minister (Hinterland’s Geraint Morgan), without any input from parents David and Rosalene. 

Can he persuade David to attend? And will anyone else support the traumatised nurse? One thing is for certain, receptionist Paul, won’t be making an appearance, as he makes his disdain for David all too plain…

A serious-looking Dylan Keogh at work.

King of the one-liners, Dylan Keogh. (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, July 2 2022 at 9.20 pm on BBC One. The episode is available on iPlayer after transmission. 

Casualty quote of the week:

“You can’t play chess with a pigeon.” Words to live by, from Dylan Keogh. 

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