Casualty spoilers: Will Teddy Gowan die?

Teddy Gowan lies on the ground unconscious in Casualty.
Teddy Gowan lies on the ground unconscious in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

Teddy Gowan’s life hangs in the balance in Casualty episode Break Your Heart (BBC1, 8.45pm, Saturday 19 March 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings). Is Paul Pegg partly to blame? Elsewhere, Iain Dean plays a dangerous game…

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Teddy Gowan in danger!

Teddy Gowan - or ‘Theodore’ as his auntie Jan likes to call him - has fast become a Casualty favourite. The easygoing paramedic is a natural peacekeeper, good-natured and treats everyone with respect - while being endearingly innocent and full of exuberance. He’s also excellent at his job.

Yet, lately, there have been worrying signs that all is not well with the rookie medic. Teddy (Milo Clarke) has been secretly struggling with breathlessness, dizziness and a racing heart. 

At a time when he should be enjoying life and his budding relationship with mystery girlfriend Veronica (The Outpost’s Maeve Courtier-Lilley), Teddy is secretly checking his blood pressure and has begun taking herbal remedies to give him a pick-me-up.

This week, however, the true extent of Teddy’s health is revealed in shocking scenes…

Teddy and Jan Jenning (Di Botcher) are called to help a distressed teenager, who is stuck in a high tree. Instead of waiting on the fire services, Teddy climbs up to help. But he suddenly loses consciousness and plummets to the ground!

Experienced medics Ethan and Charlie discuss treatment for Teddy, who is in a hospital bed.

Teddy's angels. Can Ethan and Charlie diagnose Teddy in time? (Image credit: BBC)

Deadly diagnosis

Jan races her nephew to the ED where concerned Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) and Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) attempt to find out what’s going on.

Although Teddy has regained consciousness, he’s seeing double and his life is hanging in the balance.

Even so, the young paramedic insists he’s fine and doesn’t reveal his recent symptoms - probably because his anxious mum Gaynor (Maxine Evans) has arrived in the ED and he doesn’t want to worry her. 

When Teddy crashes suddenly, Charlie and Ethan battle to save his life - and make a shock diagnosis in the process. 

Will Teddy live?

Ethan with Teddy's terrified mum, Gaynor.

Does Ethan have bad news for terrified Gaynor? (Image credit: BBC)

Lies, secrets and more lies!

Marty Kirkby is really falling for boyfriend Adi Kapadia, as he learns how to trust in his relationship. But alarm bells start to ring for the loved up nurse…

Doubts creep in for Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) when Adi (Raj Bajaj) reveals there’s something he wants to talk to him about later that night.

Marty frets that Adi wants to break up with him, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. That said, Marty may want to break up with Adi when he discovers his huge secret!

We don’t want to give too much away, but this week viewers will discover Adi’s been lying since the beginning of their relationship.

For Marty, seeds of suspicion are planted when Adi is reluctant to introduce his pregnant friend Jessica (Call the Midwife’s Maya Saroya). 

Has Jess’s pregnancy something to do with Adi’s shifty behaviour, or is something else at play?

Worried Marty is concerned about what Adi isn't telling him...

Red herring, or the mother of all secrets? What is Adi hiding from Marty? (Image credit: BBC)

Paul’s dilemma - does he hold the key to Teddy’s collapse?

Part-time receptionist Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) is on pins. For one thing, he’s in trouble with Dylan Keogh for disclosing confidential hospital information to Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson) last week. But there is something else troubling him…

This week, when Teddy is brought into the ED, Paul panics, as he’s been selling mystery herbal remedies to the desperately ill paramedic. Is he to blame for Teddy’s ill-health?

Meanwhile, an exasperated Dylan Keogh (William Beck) gives Paul a dressing down when he finds him on his phone instead of working. 

Will Paul come clean about the health drinks he’s been selling on hospital grounds?

Decision time for worried Paul. Will he come clean?

Decision time for worried Paul. Will he come clean? (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week…

Louise Marwood (better known as Chrissie White in Emmerdale), guest stars as a mum with sinister secrets… 

Jan bears the brunt of Gaynor’s anger and fear. But this really isn't the time to be fighting. Can they find a way to support each other? 

Dylan and David Hide (Jason Durr) have a quick but lovely catchup! Dylan reveals his progress with Paula Kettering (Rosie Jones) and his lack of interior design skills! While David explains a worrying new development in relation to his wife, Rosa. Soon afterwards Rosa (Jacey Salles) makes a sudden decision that leaves David reeling…

Dylan Keogh looking concerned.

Dylan Keogh and David Hide both have a lot on their minds... (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) confides a significant secret in Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) that his girlfriend Chrissie Danes (Lauren Crace) isn’t privy to... He is looking for Elvira, the sister of tragic modern slavery victim Keidi. Iain is desperate to save her from a fate worse than death, the problem is that he's promised Chrissie that he won’t get involved. He even tells Faith that Chrissie doesn’t know what he’s up to. Oh Iain!

And finally, despite the horrific events of the day, Ethan is unleashing his best dad jokes. It’s lovely to see the grieving doctor smile after all he’s been through… Has he turned a corner?

Iain Dean looks for clues to Elvira's whereabouts...

Rescue mission. Iain Dean looks for clues to Elvira's whereabouts... (Image credit: BBC)

This episode of Casualty airs on Saturday, March 19 2022 at 8.45pm on BBC1. It is available on iPlayer after transmission.

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