EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater makes a BIG decision about Alfie

Kat Slater in EastEnders
Kat Slater has had her world turned upside down since Alfie Moon's return. (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater knows she needs to make a choice about Alfie Moon in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kat Slater wakes up with a banging headache following a night of boozing after the panto performance where Alfie moved in for a kiss! She finds him downstairs in the kitchen in a very chipper mood, which winds her right up!

When son Tommy Moon walks in to find them arguing, he gets upset and runs off. A worried Kat follows and finds him in the cafe.

Things are awkward when Tommy points out that Kat is much happier when Alfie's around. With Phil Mitchell still out of the Square, Kat knows that Tommy is feeling conflicted, as he considers Phil as a surrogate dad.

Feeling bad that Tommy is getting confused about having Alfie staying in the Mitchell house with them, she tells a stunned Alfie that she needs him to leave...

Alfie is gutted to be kicked out of the house just as he's getting his feet back under the table with Kat and the boys. When Freddie Slater points out that he needs to earn his place back in Kat's life, Alfie comes up with a plan.

Meanwhile, Kat admits to Stacey Slater that she's torn between Alfie and Phil. When she gets back home she discovers Alfie has made a grand gesture. 

Touched by his thoughtfulness she agrees they can all have a magical Moon Christmas as a family.

But is there trouble on the horizon?

Shirley Carter in EastEnders

Shirley Carter is suspicious that Scarlett Butcher is hiding something. (Image credit: BBC)

Shirley Carter has been even more suspicious of Janine Butcher than usual after catching her whispering about a secret with daughter Scarlett Butcher.

Despite her best attempts, however, she can't get Scarlett to cough up the details on what she was talking about with Janine.

After spying Janine take another secretive call, Shirley's suspicions go into over drive. To relax she decides to watch her favourite Christmas film, Die Hard! 

But when she opens up the DVD case it seems she's on the verge of finally discovering Janine's lie when THAT photo of Frankie Carter with Janine in the background flutters out...

Scarlett is horrified that Shirley has discovered the incriminating photo and she quickly grabs it and hides it in her diary.

Will Shirley get her hands on it and work out the sinister secret that Janine has been hiding?

ben Mitchell with Lola Pearce

Ben Mitchell has been determined to help find a cure for Lola Pearce since her tragic cancer diagnosis. (Image credit: BBC)

Ben Mitchell has high hopes for Lola Pearce after finding out about a clinical trial for brain tumour patients. Lola takes boyfriend Jay Brown with her for the appointment with specialist Dr Cunningham.

After going through her case notes, the Doctor leaves Lola and Jay disappointed when he reveals that he feels it's too early for her to try the trial.

Being brutally honest with Lola, the doctor points out that 'miracles' rarely happen. Back home, Ben is gutted to discover the appointment was a waste of time.

Upset by the knock back, Lola snaps at her daughter Lexi Pearce. Jay tells Ben that they have to make this Christmas magical as it may be the last one that Lola will ever have...

Also, Ricky Butcher gets a second date with Sam Mitchell!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.