EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter wins over Mick!

Linda Carter enjoys karaoke with Mick Carter
Linda Carter has fun with Mick Carter and the karaoke machine! (Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter gets Mick Carter up on stage for some classic Albert Square entertainment in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Linda Carter is keen to put on a special night in the Queen Vic and she decides to go with her favourite thing — other than Lady Di, that is — karaoke!

Janine Butcher is not impressed that Linda's interfering in the Vic and with Mick Carter away she's determined to put a stop to it.

Her plan seems to have worked but when Mick returns home after his trip away, he's quite clearly up for some entertainment. Janine does an about face and declares that the karaoke night is on!

Although she's hoping that it'll seem like all her idea and she'll get some praise from Mick, the night soon goes awry.

Linda Carter gets up on stage to do a star turn and she's delighted when Mick gets up to join her.

Will Janine ever be able to keep Linda away from Mick?

Mitch Baker is grieving Avery Baker

Mitch is still grieving his late brother Avery Baker. (Image credit: BBC)

The Baker family are trying to get back to normal life after the tragic death of Avery Baker. But when his urn arrives, it leaves them even more emotionally raw.

Karen Taylor decides they need to lighten the mood and she reminds everyone that it's Bernie Taylor's birthday tomorrow. Enlisting Felix Baker and Finlay Baker to help, she starts planning a special birthday party.

Next on her list is trying to talk Stuart Highway into getting some help for the post natal depression he's been experiencing. Stuart trusts Karen's opinion and although he's been resistant so far, he finally agrees to go and see the GP.

Karen instantly offers to go to his appointment with him as moral support but things are awkward when it clashes with Bernie's birthday party. Karen realises that Stuart needs him more than Bernie and she reassures Stuart that she'll be there with him.

Finlay Baker offers a helping hand to Honey Mitchell

Finlay Baker realises helping out Honey Mitchell has give him a disadvantage! (Image credit: BBC)

Finlay Baker is excited about the prospect of having a food stall in the market. He was hopeful that with a bit of help from Honey Mitchell, he'd be able to persuade Mr Lister into taking a chance on him and brother Felix Baker. But interfering in Honey's 'date' with Lister probably wasn't the best idea!

When Honey reveals that Mr Lister has turned down their proposal, Finlay is disappointed. But after brainstorming with Felix they come up with the perfect way to change Mr Lister's mind.

Can they win him over?

Meanwhile, Sam Mitchell is left feeling edgy when Shirley Carter threatens to tell Phil Mitchell what she's been up to unless she gets her money.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.