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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell ups the stakes with Keeble

Phil Mitchell learns news about DCI Keeble
Phil Mitchell plots his next move with Keeble. (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell is feeling the pressure in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Phil is stressed out when fiancee Kat Slater corners him and warns him to get Keeble off his case. With their wedding coming up, Kat doesn't want ANYONE to ruin things for them.

Phil has been doing his best to play a cat and mouse game with Keeble ever since the Detective Inspector offered him a deal to get him out of prison as long as he informed on his criminal contacts.

He may have avoided giving her the names that she wants so far, but Keeble is turning the screws to get him to come up with the goods.

In a bid to outfox her, Phil meets up with his criminal mate Dodge, who he's tasked with finding some dirt on her. Dodge has the information that Phil needs, leaving him feeling confident that he can give Keeble the slip once and for all.

Phil warns Dodge that he needs to get out of the country as he's on Keeble's hit list He meets up with Keeble to discuss things and she's furious that he's told everyone on her list to flee the country before the police make their move!

Keeble is momentarily wrongfooted when Phil slyly tells her that he knows she has an ulterior motive. In response, she hands him a photo of someone and tells him that unless he gets the info she needs he'll be heading straight back to prison...

Who could it be?

Dana Monroe makes a call about her college place

Dana Monroe makes a shock decision about her university place. (Image credit: BBC)

Dana Monroe is feeling alarmed about her dad's recent behaviour, especially as he's been down about his ex-fiancee Jean Slater returning to the Square. 

What she doesn't know is that his furtive behaviour is because he's planning a surprise leaving party for her before she heads to university!

Bobby Beale is in on the surprise and he tries to reassure her over her worries without giving the game away. But Dana can't be swayed and she attempts to defer her place at college.

When Harvey encourages Dana to follow him into Peggy's, she decides to break the news that she's not going to university. Just as the words are out of her mouth, however, her friends jump out of their hiding places to surprise her!

Will Harvey convince his daughter to follow her dreams as planned?

Ravi Gulati is all ears

Ravi Gulati has been pulling a few of his own strings around the Square. (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati continues to meddle with the Panesar family following his shocking murder of dad Ranveer Gulati. The murder that he's letting Suki Panesar believe she was responsible for, after she hit Ravi over the head with a marble table clock when he tried to rape her.

Suki's son Kheerat Panesar is suspicious of the ex-con's motives, especially now that he's moved in with his mum.

Kheerat shares his concerns with girlfriend Stacey Slater, who initially thinks that Kheerat is overreacting. But when Ravi tries to charm her, she gets what Kheerat means about him being a slippery customer.

Stacey makes a point of passionately kissing Kheerat in front of Ravi to warn him off trying to flirt with her. But will he back off?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.