'EastEnders' spoilers: Phil Mitchell vows to protect Tommy

Phil Mitchell talks to Tommy Moon in EastEnders
Phil Mitchell makes a promise to Tommy Moon. (Image credit: BBC)

Phil Mitchell learns some worrying news from Tommy Moon in Friday's episode of EastEnders (8:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Phil Mitchell tries to help Kat Slater out around the house but after recently splitting up with her, she has no interest in him doing anything for her and her family. 

She makes it perfectly clear to Phil and later takes things further, by deliberately flirting with Henry in the cab office in front of Phil, who gives Kat his number.

Still concerned about Kat and the kids, Phil offers to take her son Tommy Moon home when he turns up at the office saying he's not well. Back in the house, Phil encourages Tommy to open up and he confesses he's being bullied at school.

Phil promises Tommy that he'll make sure he's okay and says he'll pick him up from school from now on. Later, when Phil hears Henry being nasty about Kat he warns him to keep away from her!

Kheerat Panesar lures in Gray Atkins in EastEnders

Kheerat Panesar won't let up on Gray Atkins. (Image credit: BBC)

Kheerat Panesar is still pretending to be on Gray Atkins' side, whilst secretly trolling him about his murdered wife Chantelle Atkins. He gives Gray a nice bottle of whisky then sends Gray another email to see how he'll react.

When Whitney Dean turns up, Kheerat is nasty to her, in a bid to make sure that Gray has no idea the two of them are in cahoots to try and bring him down.

Will Gray continue to fall for Kheerat's scheming?

Jada Lennox meets up with her friends in EastEnders

Jada Lennox is under fire from Sharon Watts. (Image credit: BBC)

Jada Lennox is still at odds with Sharon Watts over her reckless behaviour with her tearaway friends and it's causing tension at home. 

Keen to smooth things over between the pair, Zack Hudson does his best to get them to make up but his pleas are going nowhere!

Sharon insists that Jada needs to step up her parenting duties and look after her daughter Alyssa for the day. Later, Jada hangs out with her mates when she bumps into salon boss Denise Fox. Will Denise give her another chance?

Also, Howie Danes secures Kim Fox a money spinning promo gig but will she be impressed?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8:00 pm.

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