'EastEnders' spoilers: Sheree Trueman has shock news about Isaac

Sheree Trueman is worried in EastEnders
Sheree Trueman hears some news that leaves her worried. (Image credit: BBC)

Sheree Trueman is horrified when news about Isaac Baptiste gets out in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:05 pm — see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sheree Trueman has been trying to keep son Isaac Baptiste's mental health problems as under wraps as possible. But all her careful managing of the situation, that recently saw him taken into hospital after being sectioned is about to be destroyed by the good intentions of Amy Branning...

Amy has put a post about mental health on social media as she's been keen to raise awareness of mental healthcare ever since Isaac's recent troubles. Unfortunately, the public revelation that teacher Isaac suffers from schizophrenia completely backfires and her post ends up being trolled by parents at Isaac's school.

Kim Fox and Denise Fox have a word with Amy about the post after comments are left calling for Isaac to be fired. When Kat Slater refuses to stick up for Isaac, his girlfriend Lola Pearce is hurt and Kim has a go at her. Sheree finds out about the trolling and she is horrified.

Meanwhile, Lola has been to visit Isaac, who is given food for thought by fellow patient Jackie, who is struggling to maintain a relationship with her son. After Sheree's shock discovery of the nasty comments about him, she takes a call from Isaac and heads to the facility to see her son with Kim and husband Patrick Trueman.

What will Sheree tell Isaac?

Kheerat Panesar talks to Ben Mitchell in EastEnders

Kheerat Panesar has some teething problems over his new venture with Ben Mitchell. (Image credit: BBC)

Kheerat Panesar is feeling pleased with himself over his recent deal to go into partnership with Ben Mitchell in the Mitchells' mechanics business, The Arches. He's always seeking mum Suki Panesar's approval and is hopeful that she'll see this new deal as a good thing.

When Jay Mitchell finds out that Kheerat is a joint partner in The Arches he is stunned, suggesting that he should make sure he doesn't get involved in the running of things.

Suki is not as impressed with Kheerat's news as he'd like but she's keeping herself busy with a new hobby. After Honey Mitchell introduced her to an art class Suki's painted a portrait and asks Honey if she can tag along for drinks with Imogen, their art tutor, tonight!

Kim Fox talks to Kat Slater in EastEnders

Kat Slater is having a bad day after a row with Kim Fox! (Image credit: BBC)

Kat Slater moves some of her stuff into the Mitchell house after agreeing to look after things while boyfriend Phil Mitchell is out of the country visiting his daughter, Louise.

Kat's having a tricky day after a run-in with Kim Fox after she refused to stick up for Isaac. Kat is grateful when Jay offers to help her move her belongings, agreeing when he suggests that he takes her son Tommy Moon to practice some football ahead of a trial for a football team.

When Billy Mitchell finds out, he is miffed that Kat's letting his rival take Tommy to his trial. In a bid to broker peace, Kat suggests that the two men have a penalty shoot-out to decide who gets to take him!

Also, Ash is being assessed at work for her GP qualification. When Ash asks her brother Vinny Panesar if he can fix her phone, it gives him a bright idea...

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

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