'EastEnders' spoilers: Terror for Isaac Baptiste!

Isaac Baptiste is terrified in EastEnders
Isaac Baptiste is in a bad way as he cowers inside the Fowlers' house, (Image credit: BBC)

Isaac Baptiste is full of fear as his dad Patrick Trueman tries to get through to him in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Isaac Baptiste has locked himself inside Martin Fowler and Ruby Fowler's house as his mental health deteriorates. As well as locking them out of their own house, he's also told kids Lily Slater and Arthur Fowler to get out of Albert Square. With the children now missing, Martin and Ruby are in a panic.

Talking to Isaac through the door, his dad Patrick Trueman manages to calm him down enough to convince him to let him come in and talks to him. Once inside, Patrick gently asks Isaac about Lily and Arthur, pointing out that Martin and Ruby are worried about them.

Patrick Trueman reassures Isaac Baptiste in EastEnders

Patrick Trueman does his best to reassure his son Isaac Baptiste. (Image credit: BBC)

Patrick tells Isaac that he won't let anything bad happen to him and manages to convince him to come outside. Isaac cautiously leaves the house but once in the open he gets spooked and runs back in, slamming the door shut on a frustrated Patrick.

While the drama continues at the house with Ruby and Martin waiting for the police to arrive, Lily and Arthur's nan Jean Slater has gone on the hunt for them.

She is flooded with relief when Lily gives her a call and tells her that she and Arthur are in the allotments. The children may be safe, but what will happen to Isaac?

Peter Beale spots Ash Panesar with a man in EastEnders

Peter Beale sees girlfriend Ash Panesar with another man! (Image credit: BBC)

Peter Beale is brooding after being at odds with his grieving girlfriend Ash Panesar. He's been avoiding her calls and refusing to spend time with her as he doesn't want to deal with her family, while they deal with the death of her brother Jags Panesar.

Kathy Beale has no patience for her grandson's self pity and she tells him to get a grip on himself, serving him a few hard truths. Seeing the wisdom in his nan's words, Peter heads out to find Ash, only to discover her with another man...

Chelsea Fox with Isaac Baptiste in EastEnders

Chelsea Fox didn't like living with Isaac Baptiste (Image credit: BBC)

Chelsea Fox is is loving playing the queen bee at Gray Atkins' posh house. She convinced him to let her move in there by saying she was uncomfortable sharing a house with schizophrenic Isaac Baptiste. 

But things take a terrible turn while she's left on her own at Gray's when she accidentally breaks a plate that little Mia Atkins gifted to her late mum Chantelle Atkins!

When Gray gets back home with the children, Chelsea does her best to hide the disaster, pretending that she's hard at work going over her upcoming court case. How will she get out of this one?

Meanwhile, after having to listen to Kim Fox go on and on about her daughter Pearl's achievements, Kat Slater decides to let her son Tommy do a football trial after all!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Thursday at 7:35 pm.

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