EastEnders spoilers: Shock family death leaves Billy Mitchell devastated

Billy Mitchell looks furious with his dad Stevie Mitchell.
Billy Mitchell rages at Phil Mitchell for trying to ruin his new family. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Billy Mitchell is furious at Phil Mitchell for trying to destroy his family in Tuesday or Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings).

Phil has been determined to get rid of Stevie Mitchell ever since he arrived in Walford to build a relationship with his son Billy. After Will Mitchell had a run-in with Stevie and left him unconscious, the teen confessed to Phil that he stole Lola Pearce-Brown's charity money and Stevie found out. Phil decided to pin the blame on Stevie by lying that he found the cash on him when he walked in to find Stevie unconscious on the floor.

Stevie has gone to great lengths to make amends with Billy, despite a secret Mitchell family coming out of the woodwork and has even taken the blame for stealing the money to protect his grandson. However, Phil is still convinced that he is up to no good and wants to turn the family against him. Desperate to expose another one of Stevie's secrets, Phil did some digging into his past and confronted him at his birthday party about what he had found.

This information forced Stevie to confess to Billy that his long-lost mum Val had passed away. After revealing the heartbreaking news, Stevie shares the tragic story of Val's death to a reeling Billy and Teddy. Billy is completely devastated and he confides in Phil, who tells him to open his eyes to who Stevie really is.

Later on, Teddy begs Billy not to let this revelation take away their newfound relationship. Billy talks to his son Will Mitchell who misunderstands what he’s saying and reveals that Phil framed Stevie. A raging Billy is on the warpath and goes crazy at Phil for trying to wreck his new family. Could this be the end of their Mitchell bond?

Denzel Danes and Yolane Trueman hugging.

Yolande Trueman helps Denzel Danes in his time of need. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Meanwhile, Howie Danes continues to struggle with his son Denzel Danes in the wake of his steroid-taking and Yolande Trueman steps in to help. But her attempt to team up with Amy Mitchell backfires when Denzel accuses them of talking behind his back. 

Churchgoer Levi arrives to tell Yolande the CPS has charged Pastor Clayton with two counts of sexual assault. They're interrupted when Denzel walks in and wrongly assumes Levi is there for him, so she decides to tell him the truth about Pastor Clayton. Yolande implored Denzel to accept help, but will he listen to her words?

Ian Beale anxiously checks his phone and snaps at Anna Knight when she tries to talk to him about Bobby Beale's 21st birthday. Anna recruits Freddie Slater to help question Bobby on ideas, but he rumbles their plan and tells them he doesn't want a fuss.

Elsewhere, Sonia Fowler is nervous as she heads in for her embryo transfer, and Reiss Colwell receives a call telling him that his wife Debbie’s care fees are three months overdue. 

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 8:15 pm.

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