EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater New Year tragedy!

Jean Slater hides in her bedroom
Jean Slater gets ready for the New Year, unaware that tragedy is about to strike! (Image credit: BBC)

Jean Slater blacks out after a terrifying incident at the Slaters' in the New Year's Day episode of EastEnders (6:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Jean Slater has shut herself away in her bedroom as the Slaters' New Year's Eve party starts to ramp up.

As the revellers fill the house, Jean is worried that the one person she wants to see more than anyone will stand her up.

After sharing a kiss with Harvey Monroe, Jean is concerned that he'll get cold feet and back off, considering their tricky relationship history.

When Nish Panesar and wife Suki Panesar arrive with a bottle of whisky for Eve Unwin, she's rattled. She remains cool, however and encourages them both to stay for the celebrations.

Harvey has turned up but Stacey Slater is alarmed to spot him showing Martin Fowler a suspiciously ring-shaped box! When Jean finds out she panics that Harvey is going to propose.

After the disaster that was their previous engagement when a bipolar Jean was going through a manic phase, she assures Stacey that she's no interest in getting married just yet.

Stacey Slater and Eve Unwin celebrate at New Year

Stacey Slater has NO idea what dangers lie ahead! (Image credit: BBC)

It's close to midnight and as the clock counts down the revellers prepare to raise a glass to the New Year. Nish is trying to find Suki but she's nowhere to be found.

Something terrible is about to happen as Eve collapses...

After Eve's collapse, more of the revellers begin to fall ill. Lily Slater throws up then blacks out and Jean faints in Stacey's arms.

Bobby Beale raises the alarm and an ambulance is called. When the paramedics arrive they tell everyone to leave the house immediately as there's been a carbon monoxide leak.

In the hospital, a terrified Stacey sits her her daughter Lily's bedside, willing her to pull through...

Ricky Butcher and Sam Mitchell have a date

Ricky Butcher and Sam Mitchell have a romantic evening together. (Image credit: BBC)

Ricky Butcher reveals to Sonia Fowler that he's going to head back home to Germany. He invites Sam Mitchell to see in the New Year with him then suggests that maybe she could go to Germany with him.

The pair locks lips and things get steamy. Ricky has to nip out and while he's gone Sam gets a text from Phil.

Phil has been seeing in the New Year at Peggy's but his mood soon darkens and he delivers a serious threat.

Also, Whitney Dean is about to tell Zack Hudson that she wants to be with him when he gives her some shock news...

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Holiday Monday at 7:30 pm.