Neighbours spoilers: Byron’s caught in an unforgivable lie!

Krista and Byron in Neighbours
Krista catches Byron telling a lie to a potential investor of the vineyard. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Airs Monday 15 July 2024 at 7:00am on Amazon Freevee.

When Kiri Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) returned to Erinsborough, things were bound to be awkward with her ex-girlfriend Nicolette Stone (Hannah Monson) living on Ramsay Street.

The girls hadn’t seen each other since their messy break-up so they both got a bit of shock when they discovered they were potentially going to be joint investors in Yorokobi, along with Nic’s brother Byron (Xavier Molyneux).

Kiri offered to invest in the vineyard to help out her cousin Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) who owns the business which took a massive financial hit thanks to wine poisoner Dr Gavin Bowman (Cameron MacDonald).

Having realised that working with Nic could be problematic, Kiri breaks the news that she’s pulling out, Leo’s not upset because he’s found a wealthy venture capitalist who may step into the breach instead.

As Leo acknowledges that it would be a simpler solution to his problems, Byron and Nicolette are gutted to learn that the vineyard boss no longer needs them as investors.

So when Byron answers a phone call from the new investor, he lies that Leo’s no longer interested and the opportunity to invest is off the table.

When the call ends, Byron tries to process what he’s just done when Krista (Majella Davis) pipes up…

She’s heard the whole darn thing!

And she’s OUTRAGED!

Will she tell Leo that Byron has scuppered his plan to save Yorokobi?

Xavier Molyneux as Byron in Neighbours

Byron tells a porkie to scupper Leo's plan.  (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Airs Tuesday 16 July 2024 at 7:00am on Amazon Freevee.

Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) is still spinning following revelations about Logan (Matthew Backer).

The pair had been getting close and enjoying each other’s company but then it transpired that there’s more to Aaron’s new pal than being whizz at chopping up fruit!

He’s a doctor who studied with Aaron’s late husband David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and developed an unhealthy obsession with him.

Leo and Nicolette are pleased when it seems that Aaron has put the unfortunate episode behind him, but if they think he’s done with Logan, they are sadly mistaken!

After hearing Logan’s side of the story, Aaron’s interactions with Logan are far from over…

When Aaron visits Logan, the pair share stories about David and at the end of an emotional day, the pair’s increasing closeness leads to a steamy kiss!

Could this be the start of a new romance?

And what will Aaron’s friends think when they realise his relationship with Logan has gone up a notch?

Aaron and Logan in Neighbours

Aaron can't stay away from Logan! (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Airs Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 7:00am on Amazon Freevee.

With his wealthy investor having apparently backed out of buying into Yorokobi, Leo’s reverted to the co-investment of Byron, Nicolette and Kiri.

Kiri’s not sure about working alongside her ex, but Nicolette’s determined to make it work and sets about winning her round.

Having heard that the church Kiri used to go to desperately needs a new roof, Nicolette enlists the help of Toadie, Terese and Haz in hurriedly throwing together a second-hand furniture sale.

But just as the sale kicks off, Lassiters interim manager Brett Heade (Brad Angel) puts a spanner in the works by revoking permission to hold the sale in the complex.

As Nic confronts Brad and stresses the importance of saving the church, she doesn’t register the arrival of Kiri, who’s stunned to discover the lengths that her former flame has gone to for a cause dear to her heart.

Nic claims she’s trying to get Kiri on side for the sake of their business relationship, but is there more to it than that?

Nicolette and Kiri in Neighbours

Nicolette tries to win round ex and co-investor Kiri. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Airs Thursday 11 July 2024 at 7:00am on Amazon Freevee.

Wendy’s been busted after hosting a rowdy party for her university mates at No. 26.

She had agreed to hold it in her home, but she didn’t want her hubby Andrew and daughter Sadie to know anything about it.

Did we mention it was a TRAFFIC LIGHT party?

Wendy’s enjoying the social side of uni and hasn’t been entirely honest with her funky new pals. Not only do they think she’s younger than she is, but they have no idea she’s a wife and mother. 

In short, they think Wendy is young, free and single!

But when Andrew and Sadie’s plans for a fishing trip and music festival were cancelled, they returned to find a party in full swing. 

Beer pong was involved!

In the aftermath of the bust, Andrew is mostly amused by the situation, especially once Wendy reveals her classmates think she’s younger than her years. 

Meanwhile, Sadie’s glad her mum has found her people at uni. 

But what neither of them realise is that Wendy is leading a double life.

Will Wendy come clean and admit that her chums think she is single and childless?

Wendy, Andrew and Sadie in Neighbours

Wendy's hiding a big secret from hubby Andrew and daughter Sadie.  (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Neighbours airs Monday to Thursday at 7:00am on Amazon Freevee

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