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Favourite Newcomer

A star is born... But which one? Vote for the young actor or actress you believe is the best TV newcomer

Isobel Steel Emmerdale 2016

(Image credit: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

Isobel Steele (Emmerdale) Young Isobel has been wonderful as Liv, who came into the show almost as a spy for her dad, but has bonded with her brother Aaron since the truth about their father finally came out. Isobel has been expertly displaying Liv’s strong-willed character on screen.


Cel Spellman Cole Feet

(Image credit: Big Talk Productions / ITV)

Cel Spellman (Cold Feet) Playing Adam’s wayward teenage son Matthew in Cold Feet was a big test for Cel, but he passed it with flying colours. Cel wooed the audience as Matthew, having opened the series struggling to cope with the fact that his dad was marrying a younger woman.


EastEnders - Louise Mitchell. (TILLY KEEPER)

(Image credit: BBC/Nicky Johnston)

Tilly Keeper (EastEnder) Tilly has been great as Louise Mitchell. Even though she's only a teen, Louise has ended up looking after dad Phil, who is dying from a liver condition. She is trying to hold the family together, although she does have a bullying, darker side to her nature.


MILO PARKER as Gerry Durrell.

Milo Parker (The Durrells) Young Milo made a big impact as animal lover Gerald in ITV’s hit drama The Durrells. lissfully unaware of the chaos surrounding him, Gerald spent his time on Corfu building up his collection of animals, much to the frustration of his mother, sister and brothers. Milo was a real star and we’ll see him again in series two.


Stefanie Martini (Dr Thorne) Stefanie was fab as the penniless Mary Thorne in this adaptation, by Downton Abbey writer, Julian Fellowes, of the Anthony Trollope novel. She struck up a great on-screen partnership with Tom Hollander, who took the starring role as Doctor Thorne, the man tries to shelter Mary from the world.


The A Word - Joe Hughes (MAX VENTO)

(Image credit: BBC / Fifty Fathoms)

Max Vento (The A Word) Max made a big impact playing an autistic boy in the hit BBC drama, which also starred Christopher Eccleston and Lee Ingelby. As young Joe, Max was the star of the story, about how a family reacts and copes with his autism diagnosis.