How many streams do you get with YouTube TV?

YouTube TV
YouTube TV gives you the ability to watch on several devices at the same time. (Image credit: CordCutters)

Best answer: You get up to six different accounts within YouTube TV, and up to three consecutive streams, so a plan would be great for families.

YouTube TV: YouTube TV ($40 per month)

What are streams for YouTube TV?

Think back to the dark ages where you had to have cable in your house. You'd have a cable box in the living room for the family, and maybe one or two in separate bedrooms so others could watch different programs.

That spirit is alive with cord cutting services like YouTube TV. Each YouTube TV plan allows for six different user accounts, so each person in the family can have their own Cloud DVR and recommendations, and this is all available on any device that supports YouTube TV.

How many streams do you get with YouTube TV?

YouTube TV allows for up to three consecutive streams for your entire household, so if you're using all six accounts, you're going to have to pick and choose exactly who can watch TV all at once. Think of it as a great way to remember the old days of fighting over the remote in the guest bedroom. Keep in mind that limit also includes streaming content from each user's Cloud DVR, so you won't be able to watch recorded programs either.

What else does YouTube TV offer?

Besides letting a few family members watch at once, YouTube TV has a lot to offer for your household. You and your family can save as many of your favorite shows and movies to the Cloud DVR as you'd like, without any limits . YouTube TV also has your favorite local and broadcast channels , so you're not missing out on the old channels that were in your cable plan. If the base channels aren't quite enough, YouTube TV also offers premium channels like Starz and Showtime, so all your TV is in one place.

YouTube TV also has a free trial.

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