Agatha Raisin season 4 — air date, plot, guest stars and everything we know

Ashley Jensen in Agatha Raisin season 4
Ashley Jensen is back as Agatha Raisin. (Image credit: Sky/Acorn)

After Life star Ashley Jensen, returns as sassy PR guru-turned-detective Agatha Raisin probing more crime in the Cotswolds. But in the first of three new feature-length mysteries — based on the late MC Beaton’s best-selling books — SHE'S the one being accused of murder! 

Here's everything you need to know about Agatha Raisin season 4...

Agatha Raisin season 4 air date

The first feature-length mystery of season 4, "Love, Lies and Liquor", can be seen on Monday, May 2nd at 8 pm on Sky Max and Sky Showcase, with the next two episodes "A Spoonful of Poison" and "There Goes The Bridge" following each week. 

The series will arrive in the US on Tuesday, May 3rd on Acorn TV as a box set.

Agatha Raisin season 4: What’s the story?

In "Love, Lies and Liquor", Agatha is hoping to be whisked off somewhere exotic by on-off lover James Lacey (Jamie Glover) to do the PR for his new book, stiletto-heeled sleuth Agatha (Ashley Jensen) is disappointed when they arrive at the not-so-glamorous Snoth-on-Sea.

That evening, while having dinner with James in the hotel, Agatha’s irritated by a loud, obnoxious woman, Geraldine Jankers (ex-EastEnders star Nicola Duffett), who spots Agatha watching and squares up to her. 

Later, as James walks Agatha to her room, she realises she’s left her scarf in the hotel dining room. The next morning, Geraldine is found murdered on the beach with Agatha’s scarf — and Agatha is arrested by the police!

Agatha Raisin Sarah Bloxby and James Lacey

When she's accused of murder, Agatha vows to hunt down the real killer. (Image credit: Sky/Acorn)

What happens then?

Agatha’s released on bail but told not to leave Snoth. She’s adamant she won’t — after all she’s got a murder to solve! Can Agatha catch the real killer and prove her innocence?

"I love bringing Agatha back to life," enthuses star Ashley Jensen. "She’s a strong, confident woman who stands up and wants to be counted and who doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s one of the most fun characters I’ve ever played."

But Ashley admits there were some tricky readjustments…

"I must admit though, it took me a while to get used to wearing Agatha’s shoes again," adds Ashley. "Walking around the English countryside on gravel, dirt and cobbles wearing four-inch stilettos and wedges after spending a year in trainers and chunky boots has been a challenge."

Agatha Raisin season 4 cast 

Alongside Ashley, all our favourites return for the brand-new episodes. Mathew Horne is back as Agatha’s trusty assistant Roy, alongside Jamie Glover as James Lacey, Jason Merrells as Sir Charles Fraith and Lucy Lieman as Agatha’s close friend Sarah Bloxby (who proves herself to be quite the poker player!). Matt McCooey also returns as Detective Bill Wong, with Jodie Tyack as his girlfriend Toni Gilmour.

Mathew Horne as Roy Silver in Agatha Raisin

Taking a gamble: Agatha enlists the help of assistant Roy (Mat Horne) to dig for dirt on the Jankers clan. (Image credit: Sky/Acorn)

Agatha Raisin season 4 guest stars

The first mystery features a whole host of famous TV faces. Alongside Nicola Duffett as loud-mouthed matriarch Geraldine Jankers, Ian Puleston-Davies plays her brow-beaten new husband Brian, with former EastEnders actor Phil Daniels playing ex-Royal Marine - and Geraldine’s ex-husband - Archie Swale. The episode also stars former Casualty favourite Suzanne Packer as hotel manager, Marcia Shaw, and Desmonds’ Robbie Gee as Terry Miller, a wheeler-dealer who’s set to make money out of the hotel becoming a casino.

Ashley Jensen as Agatha Raisin and Robbie Gee as Terry Miller

High stakes: Can Terry Miller (Robbie Gee) shed light on who killed Geraldine? (Image credit: Sky/Acorn)

We love Ashley as Agatha - is she anything like her in real life?

"I think Ashley would quite like to be a bit more Agatha," reveals Ashley. "I don’t suffer fools and I think I can be quite direct sometimes when I need to be. I certainly don’t really dress like Agatha, though I was a very much a lover of a hat when I was young. But there’s probably a little bit of Agatha in me now - she’s rubbing off!"

What sets Agatha Raisin apart from other murder mystery series?

Agatha Raisin has proved a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with Ashley admitting she’s not surprised by its success... "I think British comedy and American comedy are often quite different," she says. 

"I love physical comedy and I know Mat Horne and Jason Barnett (who plays Inspector Wilkes) do, too, so anytime we can get a bit of physical comedy in, we’ll do it. We’ll look at a scene and go: ‘Where’s the funny in this scene? What can we do to make it funnier?’ Also, it’s always quite good to see a poised woman suddenly losing decorum — that’s always funny."

Mat Horne and Ashley Jensen as Roy Silver and Agatha Raisin

Mat Horne and Ashley Jensen as Roy Silver and Agatha Raisin. (Image credit: Sky/Acorn)

Agatha Raisin airs on Monday, May 2nd at 8 pm on Sky Max and arrives on Acorn TV in the US on Tuesday, May 3rd.

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