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The Best LGBTQ+ shows and movies on Tubi

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One of the best parts of Pride Month is seeing the great influx of LGBTQ+ movies, shows, and documentaries hit streaming services. Tubi TV has delivered a great collection that you won't find streaming anywhere else. They include old classics, new documentaries, and films from Sundance and the Cannes film festival.



Released in 2018, this Cannes selection film follows J. J is a young person in the suburbs of Chicago who uses They/them pronouns, and for two years, they have been on puberty blockers as they explore their gender identity. However, now the time has come to decide whether they want to transition or not. It's heady, atmospheric movie that is moving thanks not only to the fantastic cast, but also the cinematography and scoring.

But I'm a Cheerleader

But I'm a Cheerleader is a classic LGBTQ+ comedy originally released way back in 2000. It follows a naive teen girl who is sent to a over the top conversion camp for being gay. The content is completely over the top, ridiculous and campy in the best possible ways. It features a young Natasha Lyonne as the protagonist who claims she couldn't possible be gay...because she's a cheerleader, and has Ru Paul playing the part of one of the counselolrs.

More Movies and Shows

  • Appropriate Behavior (2014)
  • After Sex (2007)
  • Baby Steps (2017)
  • Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce (2016)
  • Chris & Don: A Love Story (2008)
  • Chuck & Buck (2000)
  • Elton John: Becoming Rocketman (2019)
  • G.B.F. (2014)
  • Geography Club (2012)
  • Girls Like Us (2013)
  • God's Own Country (2017)
  • Hearthstone (2016)
  • Jeffrey (1995)
  • Latter Days (2003)
  • Lip Service (2012) (series)
  • Love is All You Need? (2016)
  • Poison (1991)
  • Saved! (2004)
  • The Brandon Teena Story (1998)
  • To Be Takei (2014)