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'Can I Improve My Memory?' — release date, premise, trailer and everything you need to know

Can I Improve My Memory? stars Sandi Toksvig, Len Goodman, Chris Eubank, Anna Richardson, Nina Wadia, and Amber Gill.
Can I Improve My Memory? stars Sandi Toksvig, Len Goodman, Chris Eubank, Anna Richardson, Nina Wadia, and Amber Gill. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Can I Improve My Memory? is a new four-part series coming to Channel 4, which will put a series of celebrities to the test. Following a successful one off special, currently available on All4, the new series will arrive in the summer and take an even deeper look at how memory works.

Sandi Toksvig is taking on hosting duties for this programme, following her departure from The Great British Bake Off. Speaking about her latest role, she said: "A memory competition is perfect for me to host because of my own enviable, watertight memory. I’m looking forward to putting the contestants through their paces and seeing how they can radically boost their brains.  Now, where did I leave my keys…"

Here's everything we know so far!

Can I Improve My Memory? release date

Can I Improve My Memory launches on Channel 4 on Thursday July 15 at 8pm, and runs for four weeks. The series will be available to stream or download in full on All4 after the first episode airs on Channel 4.

What is the premise of Can I Improve My Memory?

The first episode sees celebrities mastering general knowledge topics they know nothing about, followed by a quickfire challenge. Topics include planetary science, ornithology, American hip-hop, anatomy and dinosaurs of the Jurassic era. These have all been assigned to celebrities who aren't well versed in them, in order to really test their memory. 

They won't be tackling this alone either, as the celebrity contestants will be coached by Ed Cooke, who became a Grand Master of Memory at just 23 years of age, and will attempt to use his own expertise to support them on this journey.

Jamie Isaacs, Executive Producer adds: "It’s a mix of quiz competition and features take-out, full of appealing tips for the audience. After all who doesn’t want a better memory?"

Who are the celebrity guests?

Can I Improve My Memory? has a great line-up of celebs hoping to put their memories to the test. The series will welcome Strictly Come Dancing legend Len Goodman, boxing heavyweight Chris Eubank, TV presenter Anna Richardson, EastEnders actor Nina Wadia, and Love Island winner Amber Gill, who are hoping to win the coveted Memory Champion title. 

"Once I read the title, I wanted to be on this, because I want to improve my memory - I think we all do!" says Len, 77. "I had the feeling it was a bit like Strictly Come Dancing. On Strictly, you get a dance like the waltz in the same way we get [given] a subject, and you have a week to learn as much as you can about that subject. Then at the end of the week you get tested, and next week, after doing the waltz, you get the cha cha cha — which is totally different — and so on!"

Len Goodman wearing a blue check blazer and a pink pocket square, sitting on a red carpeted stairway

Will it be a 10 for Len's memory skills? (Image credit: Channel 4 / Rob Parfiff)

In episode one, Len is challenged to learn as much as he can about 1990s American hip-hop — which had him worried...

"When I first got it, I was horrified!" he recalls. "I said, '90s hip hop? I don't know anything about it!' But that's how it should be, you know — I'm sure Chris Eubank didn't know anything about dinosaurs, or Amber Gill didn't know anything about British birds. That was one of the fun things!"

Is there a trailer?

Not yet - but stay tuned!