DAZN: price, sports, app and what you need to know about the sports streaming service

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The online home for many major sporting events is DAZN, which hosts live streams of matches, games and fights, as well as a video-on-demand library of highlights and full replays.

Short for 'Da Zone', DAZN originated as a combat sports streaming service, but now it offers a wide range of sports including soccer, cricket, football and basketball, with its exact line-up varying a lot by country. 

Now, it's a rival to the likes of ESPN Plus and Sky Sports except it's available in loads of different regions, not just one like those both. So depending on your sporting needs it could be one of the best streaming services. In this guide, then, we'll walk you through what you need to know about it: price, sports, and how to use the app.

DAZN price

DAZN is by no means a cheap sports streaming service.

In the US, the monthly plan costs you $24.99 per month, though you can reduce that to $19.99 if you lock into a year's contract. Or, you can pay for an entire year upfront, and it will be a touch more affordable at $224.99.

Compared to the $9.99 of ESPN Plus or $4.99 of Fite TV, that's a high price, and it's because of a recent price hike that increased the cost from its previous price of $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually.

In the UK, DAZN costs £9.99 per month if you sign up for an annual contract and £19.99 per month if you don't, making the year's subscription seem like a big saving. Alternatively, there's the £99.99 annual plan — you'll have to pay upfront but it's the cheapest option.

DAZN sports

So what sports does DAZN offer? Well that's a tricky question, because it depends on region. The service is a good source for offering streaming rights to certain nations' sports to people who don't live in that region.

In the USA, its line-up includes:

  • UEFA Women's Champions League
  • Champions Chess Tour
  • World Boxing Super Series
  • King of Kings
  • World Snooker
  • Championship League Snooker
  • LIV Golf

In other regions, its offerings vary. For a slice of what's available, you can check on the DAZN website, schedule, and use the drop-down menu at the top to see what sports can be seen in your region.

DAZN platforms

There are plenty of ways to stream from DAZN.

The streaming service has an iOS app on the App Store (which you can find here) and an Android app on the Play Store (which you can find here). There are also apps on Smart TV platforms.

Alternatively, you can simply watch on your computer browser.

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