'Grace' starring John Simm: Everything you need to know about his new detective drama

Richie Campbell stars alongside John Simm in the new crime drama. (Image credit: ITV)

Grace will become the latest in a long line of ITV detective shows based on bestselling crime novels when it arrives on our screens in March.

Endeavour creator Russell Lewis has adapted Peter James' bestselling novels for the small screen and with John Simm playing the eponymous sleuth, it looks set to be a hit with viewers. 

Here's everything we know about what promises to be one of the best ITV dramas of the year...

Grace starring John Simm release date

A feature-length episode, which is based on Peter James' first Roy Grace novel, Dead Simple, will air on ITV at 8pm on Sunday March 14. 

A second helping, adapted from the second novel, Looking Good Dead, is due to be be broadcast later in the year.

It's not yet been revealed if the drama will be shown in the US. 

What's the plot of Grace? 

DS Roy Grace is a detective based in Brighton, who's haunted by the disappearance of his wife Sandy, who vanished into thin air on his birthday six years ago. 

As this two-hour drama opens his career is hanging by a thread and following another reprimand for his unorthodox police methods, he's been left looking into long forgotten cold cases with little chance of success.

Yet when a bridegroom disappears following a raucous stag night in Brighton, Grace’s former protege DS Glenn Branson is convinced his old friend could be the key to unlocking the mystery. Can he help solve the case and save his career? 

As the story unfolds, the mercurial detective finds himself unravelling a disturbing chain of events and getting uncomfortably close to the distressed bride-to-be...

DS Grace and DS Branson investigate a sinister case in Brighton.

DS Grace and DS Branson investigate a sinister case in Brighton. (Image credit: ITV)

Grace cast

John Simm (Life On Mars) plays DS Roy Grace, who's obsessed with his work and still legally married to his wife, Sandy, whom he's tried everything to find.   

Richie Campbell (Liar) plays Grace's former protege, DS Glenn Branson, a smart and capable detective who’s moved quickly through the ranks. 

Rakie Ayola (Holby City) plays Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vosper, who has faith in Grace, but disapproves of his unorthodox approach to policing. 

Laura Elphinstone (Game of Thrones, Line of Duty) plays DS Bella Moy, a member of Grace and Branson's team. 

Amaka Okafor (The Split) stars as another member of the Brighton murder squad, DC Emma Jane Boutwood. 

Adrian Rawlins (Chernobyl) stars as Harry Frame, a spiritual medium Grace believes might be able to help the police solve the case. 

Alisha Bailey (Save Me) plays Ashley Haynes, Michael’s fiance who's distraught when he goes missing, yet her loss leads to a connection with Grace. 

Matt Stokoe (Bodyguard) plays Mark Warden, Michael’s best man who was supposed to be on the stag-do the night he disappeared, but was held up at work. 

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What do Grace's creators say about the show? 

Author of the Roy Grace novels, Peter James, is a big fan of John Simm and delighted to have him as a leading man in this adaptation. 

"John Simm, who actually looks like the Roy Grace of my imagination, is inspired casting. With John in the lead, the brilliant scripting by Russell Lewis, and our wonderful production team, I’m confident that fans of my novels and of TV crime dramas in general will be in for a treat.”

The series is being brought to the small screen by acclaimed screenwriter and Endeavour creator, Russell Lewis.

"I’m thrilled and honoured to be involved in bringing Peter James’ brilliantly gripping series of Roy Grace novels to ITV," he said before filming began last year. 

"Each story is a fantastic, hair-raising, twisting, switch-back of a roller-coaster ride that grips the reader from first to last, and the opportunity to translate that best-selling magic to television is like all one’s Christmases and birthdays come at once.

"As his millions of fans and admirers are well aware, Peter's meticulous research and eye for detail is the stuff of legend. His long established, close relationship with the police, taken together with a knowledge of Brighton and the South Coast that is the sole preserve of the born and bred lends his stories an unimpeachable veracity of place and procedure."

Is there a trailer for Grace? 

Yes there is. It's just landed! 

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