Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend —everything we know

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend
Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is the latest Netflix cooking sensation. (Image credit: Netflix)

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is a spin-off from the original Iron Chef series which first aired between 2005 and 2018. It was based on a Japanese series which translated as Ironmen of Cooking.

In the original series, a new contestant competes against one of the resident Iron Chefs in a one-hour cooking competition based on a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes a specific theme.

This time though, the pressure is on as contestants could end up facing five Iron Chefs in an incredibly tricky challenge, in an effort to be crowned the first ever Iron Legend.

The new series is hosted by Alton Brown with Kristen Kish as The Chairman, and a rotating panel of judges including Andrew Zimmern and Nilou Motamed.

Here's what you need to know...

Where can we watch Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend?

Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend is now available to stream on Netflix globally. So you can feast on all eight episodes!

What is Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend about?

In Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, each contestant has one hour to create four or five dishes alongside a sixth "beauty plate" to be served to the judges and hosts, while competing against the five "Iron Chefs".

The official Netflix synopsis reads: “The legendary Iron Chef series is reborn with a supersized approach to the ground-breaking culinary competition that started it all. It’s been called the toughest culinary challenge a chef will ever experience. 

"This is where world-class cuisine meets high-octane sports. Five new trailblazing Iron Chefs will welcome brave Challenger Chefs to the reimagined Kitchen Stadium, where they'll face off and be pushed to the limits of endurance and creativity, as they cook up extraordinary culinary creations. The competition’s most successful Challenger will return to battle in a grand finale for the chance to be named the first ever Iron Legend."

Who are the Iron Chefs?

The Iron Chefs

The Iron Chefs: Marcus Samuelsson, Dominique Crenn, Ming Tsai, Curtis Stone and Gabriela Cámara. (Image credit: Netflix)

In the series, the five Iron Chefs are Marcus Samuelsson, Dominique Crenn, Ming Tsai, Curtis Stone and Gabriela Cámara, all of which are professional chefs who are at the top of their game.

In the final, the contestant with the highest score will face off against all five of these Iron Chefs, for the chance to win the golden knife and the title of ‘Iron Legend’. No pressure then!

Is there a trailer?

Yes! You can watch the thrilling trailer below which gives you a glimpse of some mouthwatering dishes and those who created them.

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