'Outsiders' on Dave — release date, host, contestants and all we know

Outsiders: David Mitchell stands in the woods next to a wooden signpost with branches pointing to 'David HQ', 'Camp', 'Trees', 'Shepherding', 'More Trees' and 'Water', with a tent in the background
David Mitchell is feeling a little 'in-tents' in Outsiders (Image credit: UKTV)

Outsiders is a new comedy challenge show on Dave where six comedians camp in the woods for a week and face a multitude of challenges to test their outdoor survival skills. If they can prove to David Mitchell that they've got what it takes, then he'll reward them with a highly-coveted badge.

"Civilisation is clearly crumbling, so it's high time we worked out whether we can cope without it," says David. "And if you can think of a better way of doing that than making six comedians learn survival skills, then you weren't involved in the development process of this programme."

Here's everything you need to know about the hilarious new series...

Outsiders launch date

Outsiders launches on Wednesday, September 29 on Dave at 10pm, and runs for six weeks — see our TV Guide for full listings.

David Mitchell sits at his desk inside the tent, holding a pen in his clasped hands. There is a map displayed on a board behind him, and on the messy desk in front of him are multiple items including binoculars, a wooden duck, an upturned book, a pot of pencils and a plate of biscuits

Field of vision: David Mitchell will judge the comedians' survival capabilities (Image credit: UKTV)

Who is the presenter of Outsiders?

David Mitchell is the host of Outsiders, and will also be entirely in charge of deciding whether the comedians have performed well enough at the various tasks to be rewarded with a badge. He's also the only participant allowed to go home at the end of each day!

"The concept is, can the comedians learn skills to survive without all the stuff we all live with every day — the buildings, the shops, the wi-fi," says David. "I think everyone asks themselves that question at some point — 'I don't know where my food comes from', 'I don't know how I can build my own shelter', all that. So it's a show that comedically addresses that question."

Although David is the judge of the show, he's under no illusion that he stands any chance of surviving for long in the event of society collapsing.

"The premise of my role in the show is, I think this is doomed," he says. "I think you need a complex civilisation. I need an economy whereby I make sarcastic remarks in an attempt to amuse, and that means other people will provide me with food and shelter."

Who are the contestants on Outsiders?

The Outsiders contestants sitting around a campfire: Jamali Maddix, Jessica Knappett, Toussaint Douglass, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders and Ed Gamble

Out for the count: (L-R): Jamali Maddix, Jessica Knappett, Toussaint Douglass, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders, Ed Gamble (Image credit: UKTV)

The comedians taking part in the series are Ed Gamble, Jamali Maddix, Jessica Knappett, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders and Toussaint Douglass. They'll be competing in pairs: Jamali and Jessica, Toussaint and Kerry, and Lou and Ed.

"I thought the pairings worked well because there was conflict in each one, but it didn't get nasty," says David. "With Ed and Lou, Ed wants to do what's instructed and do it well and be rewarded, and Lou doesn't care, so that's a funny dynamic, and one they were well aware of. Kerry and Toussaint were like siblings a bit — they basically liked each other, but there was a bickering that went on. I think Jess and Jamali actually clicked the best: Jamali was happy to do everything, and Jess was happy to chat away at him while he did it."

What skills will the Outsiders contestants be tested on?

In the first episode, the Outsiders will be tested their ability to fell a tree, rescue an injured air crash survivor, and come up with a motto for their camp. Other challenges lying ahead in later episodes include milking a goat, cutting hair, and camouflage...

Is there a trailer for Outsiders?

Not yet — but we'll update this page as soon as one becomes available!

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