'Queens of Mystery' season 2: release date, cast, plot, trailer, and everything we know

Queens of Mystery
Sioban Redmond, Sarah Woodward and Julie Graham as sisters Jane, Beth and Cat Stone. (Image credit: Acorn TV)

Created for television by Julian Unthank (Doc Martin), comic crime drama Queens of Mystery season 2 is coming to Acorn TV. 

Set in the surprisingly dangerous country village of Wyldemarsh, the whimsical whodunnit follows the crime-solving exploits of local police officer Matilda Stone, who is aided and abetted in her inquiries by her three crime-writing aunts Cat, Beth, and Jane (Julie Graham, Sarah Woodward, and Siobhan Redmond). 

'Queens of Mystery' season 2 release date

Queens of Mystery season 2 arrives on Acorn TV on Monday, Nov. 29. It promises to be one of the best Acorn TV shows about!

What's new in 'Queens of Mystery' season 2?

Sharp-eyed fans of the show will notice that, in the new run, Florence Hall takes over as Matilda, who was previously played by Olivia Vinall. But, says Sarah Woodward, the change is not so easy to spot! 

"I have a feeling some people watching it won't even realize because they look so alike!" she says. "Florence is wonderful, and she’s the spitting image of Olivia, with her costume and hair and everything else!"

Guest cast for 'Queens of Mystery' season 2

The new series brings a stellar line-up of guest stars including Danny Webb (LiarThe Trial of Christine Keeler, Alien 3), Sarah Hadland (MirandaQuantum of Solace), Paul Bradley (EastEndersHolby City) ) Aki Omoshaybi (Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi), Selina Griffiths (Benidorm, Cuckoo), Sara Stewart (UnforgottenDr Foster), Jade Harrison (The Stranger, Captureand Gerald Kyd (Harlots, Cold Feet).

What's the plot?

There are three two-part investigations across six episodes. 


When Matilda investigates a murder at Wildemarsh Wellness Retreat, she finds several people with distinctly unhealthy intentions towards each other, and a second death at the Wildemarsh Wellness Retreat leads Matilda to uncover a heart-wrenching tragedy, waiting to be avenged…


A body is discovered at the opening of a new art gallery where her Aunt Cat is exhibiting. Matilda’s interviews of the suspects doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but after a second murder at the gallery, she starts to realize there’s more to them all than may have first met the eye…


Matilda investigates what appears to be a robbery with clues reminiscent of her own mother’s disappearance — and then Aunt Jane finds a body and the case becomes a murder. But as Matilda searches for the identity of the killer, there are other parties much closer to home who’d prefer Matilda not to disturb too many secrets…

Is there a trailer? 

There is, and you can watch it below!

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