‘Red Notice’: Trailer, release date and everything we know about the Netflix action film

Red Notice
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Netflix promised its subscribers a new original movie for every week of the year in 2021, and one of the movies that it has always been sure to include in this promotion is Red Notice. The globe-trotting action film is being pushed as the streamer’s big bet this year, but what do we know about it?

First off, we know that it is going to be a star-studded affair. Red Notice will feature Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in starring roles for this action-comedy. That may be enough for some movie fans to simply say “sign me up,” but if you want to know more about Red Notice, keep on reading.

What is the ‘Red Notice’ plot?

Red Notice was written by (and is directed by) Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Central Intelligence). Netflix has only shared a brief plot synopsis, but what they have shared and what we can glean from the recently released trailer is that Dwayne Johnson will play a top FBI agent on the tail of two master criminals — played by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. After capturing Reynolds, he convinces him to assist in taking down Gadot’s notorious art thief before she can pull off a massive heist.

One can guess that there may be quibs, betrayals and trips to gorgeous global locations along the way, but we may just have to wait and see the film when it premieres on Netflix to know all of what’s going on.

Who is in the ‘Red Notice’ cast?

We’ve already mentioned Johnson, Reynolds and Gadot leading the way as the triumvirate for Red Notice. The trio are among the biggest stars in Hollywood right now, making the film a high-profile outing.

Gadot is of course best known for her role as Wonder Woman, but she gets to be bad in Red Notice as the master thief. Johnson and Reynolds meanwhile, will serve as the film’s contrasting heroes forced to work together; it may be a cliché, but damn if it doesn’t make for good entertainment.

While this is the first time that Reynolds and Gadot have worked together, Dwayne Johnson has starred alongside both in the Fast & Furious franchise. Johnson and Gadot were both in Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6, while Reynolds had a cameo role in Hobbs & Shaw, where we got a preview of what could be in store when he is paired for a full movie with Johnson.

Other confirmed cast members for Red Notice include Ritu Arya, Chris Diamantopoulos, Ivan Mbakop, Vincenzo Amato and Rafael Petardi.

When is the ‘Red Notice’ release date?

Red Notice will arrive on Netflix on Nov. 12, where it will play exclusively on the streaming service.

Red Notice is part of a massive fall film slate from Netflix, which will actually include some of the streamer’s films getting short first-runs in theaters before becoming available to watch over the internet. Red Notice is not one of those films however. Kind of a shame, this seems like the film that could have been a lot of fun in theaters, but Netflix generally knows how to get the most eyeballs on its movies.

Is there a ‘Red Notice’ trailer?

Netflix has released a brand new trailer a few weeks ahead of Red Notice's debut on the streaming service. This one shares a bit more of the plot, as we find out what Gal Gadot's thief is after (Cleopatra's legs), and a bit more of the obstacles that Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynold's partnership encounter (i.e. getting run over by a bull). Watch the latest trailer for Red Notice below.

How to watch ‘Red Notice’

With Red Notice set to be exclusively available on Netflix, you need to make sure that you have a Netflix account to watch it. The base subscription package for Netflix starts at $13.99, though additional options are available via Netflix’s website. 

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