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'The Duchess' on Channel 4 — everything you need to know about the new documentary

The Duchess focuses on a new project near Alnwick Castle.
The Duchess focuses on a new project near Alnwick Castle. (Image credit: Getty Images)

The Duchess (w/t) is a new documentary series coming to Channel 4, which will follow the Duchess of Northumberland as she embarks on a grand project to create a one-of-a-kind whimsical wonderland close to The Alnwick Garden, a popular tourist attraction in the North East of England.

Speaking about the series, The Duchess of Northumberland says: “I didn’t think that building anything after The Alnwick Garden could be as challenging but Lilidorei is proving much more complex, trying to explain to a construction team how a hobgoblin or a fairy might behave is proving almost impossible. The aim of Lilidorei is to encourage children to leave their phones in their pockets and to use their imagination — to achieve this the visitor has to enter into a totally believable magical world.

"I am thrilled at the thought of a series that will shine a light on the many attributes that Alnwick and Northumberland have; a wealth of history, incredible castles, beautiful coastline and beaches, and vast expanses of wild moorland.”

Here's everything we know so far...

The Duchess release date

Channel 4 hasn't confirmed a release date for the 6 part documentary series, but we'll let you know as soon as that changes.

What will we see in the documentary?

The Duchess focuses on a new project from the Duchess of Northumberland, where she hopes to create a new wonderland attraction close to The Alnwick Garden. The £15m project aims to create a magical village of make-believe, named Lilidorei, close to The Alnwick Garden.

Lilidorei will feature fairy grottos, goblin lairs, and lots of surprises. In addition to this, the majority of Lilidorei staff will be ex-servicemen and women and the attraction will continue to build on The Alnwick Garden’s ethos of working closely with the tight-knit local community. 

Alongside Lilidorei, viewers will also see exclusive access to Alnwick Castle, where The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland live with their family. It is England’s second-largest inhabited castle and has served as a filming location for numerous film and TV projects such as Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.

Is there a trailer for the series?

Not yet — but watch this space!

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