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'Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure' on C4 — start date, guests, destinations and everything you need to know

Scarlett Moffatt and Rosie Jones pose atop a hill in the Lake District
'Trip Hazard' host Rosie Jones with Scarlett Moffatt in the Lake District (Image credit: C4)

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure on C4 is comedian Rosie Jones's guide to the best getaways in the UK — and with the country gradually opening up again after lockdown, it couldn't have come along at a better time.

In each episode, Rosie will be visiting a fantastic UK destination to explore some of the things visitors can do there in a short break — and she's bringing a famous friend along each time to keep her company.

"I've been wanting my own travel show for so long," says Rosie. "Basically, I'm good friends with Romesh [Ranganathan], and I just think, 'why does he get them all? Give some to me!'"

In her quest to become "a disabled, northern Joanna Lumley", Rosie will be trying out local activities, sampling regional delicacies, and getting to know the people who make each area great. Here's everything you need to know about her new series...

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure start date

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure begins on Friday April 9 at 8.30pm on C4. The full series will also be available as a box set on All4 from Friday April 9.

Scarlett Moffatt and Rosie Jones all dressed up for a Viking battle re-enactment in the Lake District

Scarlett and Rosie prepare to do battle in a Viking re-enactment in the Lake District. (Image credit: C4)

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure locations

Each of the four episodes sees Rosie heading to a different part of the UK. She starts out in the Lake District in episode one, where she takes part in a Viking re-enactment and spends the night with a stallion, while episode two sees her visiting Whitby to hunt for fossils and sample some world-beating fish and chips.

Episode three is in Norwich, where Rosie gets a closer look at the city's famed cathedral and explores the popular local wrestling scene, and the series ends in Anglesey, where she has a go at herding sheep and rides the world's fastest zipwire.

"We came up with the idea during the first lockdown," says Rosie. "I spent it with my mum and dad in Yorkshire, and I'd forgotten how beautiful the scenery is there, so I rang up my friends at [production company] Studio 71 and was like, 'right, we can't do a travel show roaming around Bolivia, but what if we take advantage of what we have on our doorstep?'"

"I loved the Lake District, that was just beautiful," Rosie continues. "The highlight of that was making sausages, until I broke the sausage-making machine and I was mortified. Whitby has a special place in my heart because I'm from Bridlington, which is just down the road. My highlight there was dressing up as a goth — goths are just the nicest people in the world!"

"We went to a vineyard in Norwich — I didn't know they made wine there!" adds Rosie. "I got a little bit drunk. And the weather in Anglesey was beautiful — the highlight there was the fastest zipline in the world, the views were incredible."

Joe Wilkinson and Rosie Jones pose on the rocky beach at Whitby while hunting for fossils

Joe Wilkinson and Rosie Jones hunt for fossils in Whitby. (Image credit: C4)

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure guests — who's joining Rosie on her travels?

Scarlett Moffatt joins Rosie in episode one in the Lake District, while Joe Wilkinson is her companion in Whitby in episode two. Jamali Maddix accompanies Rosie to Norwich for the third episode, and the series concludes in Anglesey with Jenny Eclair.

"We really wanted to get a wealth of different guests," says Rosie. "All four of them I knew and had met before, so that was a big plus. They needed to be good, friendly people who would also be a little reluctant, like: 'why? Why have you brought me to Whitby?' I love watching all four episodes as a whole because they all bring something different: Scarlett meets me on my level of enthusiasm and we become a tag-team pair, and then me and Jenny have more of a mother-daughter relationship. Who did I bully more, Joe or Jamali? I bullied them both, but I was probably meaner to Joe..."

Rosie Jones and Jamali Maddix with folk dancers in traditional costume in Norwich

Rosie Jones and Jamali Maddix with folk dancers in Norwich. (Image credit: C4)

Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure voiceover: who's that doing the narration?

No, your ears are not deceiving you, that is indeed the one and only Olivia Colman narrating Rosie's travels. How did that come about?

"I still can't believe it!" says Rosie. "The producer said to me, 'right, no one's off the table — who do you want to do your voiceover?' and I said, 'Oscar-winner Olivia Colman'. The producer was like, 'okay, we're not going to get her...', and I said, 'just ask her, because even if she says no, we will have had communication', like, I will frame that 'no' email, I will be so happy. About a week later, the producer said, 'she said yes!', and nobody could believe it. I screamed for about 48 hours! I'm not saying anything that people don't know about her, but she's lovely, caring and giving. I just feel that her narration elevates the whole show. I love hearing her judging, sarcastic voice in every scene!" 

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