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'Our Farm in the Dales' — Everything you need to know about Matt Baker's new More4 documentary

Our Farm in the Dales Matt Baker and mum Janice.
Matt Baker returned to his family farm after his mum had an accident. (Image credit: Charlotte Graham - More4)

Matt Baker: Our Farm in the Dales is a brand new documentary series for More 4 which explores a challenging period in Matt's life. 

Matt will be taking viewers behind the scenes of his family farm where he grew up in the Durham hills to support his parents after his mum suffered a serious injury.

Speaking about the series, Matt told us: "I have been involved in every single aspect of it - directing, producing, the lot! I wouldnt have done it otherwise. The very small crew are my friends. Steve the sound man I've known since my Blue Peter years and mum and dad have known him as long as I have."

Here's everything we know so far...

Our Farm in the Dales Matt and Nicola Baker

Matt's whole family will appear in Our Farm In The Dales, including his wife, Nicola.  (Image credit: Charlotte Graham - More4)

When is 'Our Farm in the Dales' on More4? 

Our Farm in the Dales is a four part special and starts on Wednesday March 31 on More4 at 9pm.

Our Farm In The Dales Matt Baker

Matt's new show is one that is very close to his heart.  (Image credit: Charlotte Graham - More4)

What should we expect from 'Our Farm in the Dales'?

Our Farm in the Dales will see Matt, along with his wife Nicola and their two children, Luke and Molly, move back to Matt's childhood home, a remote 100-acre sheep farm nestled in the Durham hills.  

The family relocated after Matt's mum, Janice, was left seriously injured after being knocked over by a flock of sheep. Since then she was a forced to undergo a knee replacement, leaving her convinced that her farming days were over. 

Matt made the huge decision to move back to his parents' farm and help his dad, Mike, keep things running while his mum recovered. 

Matt told us: "We went around the country buying easier-to-manage sheep that can fend for themselves a bit better. 

"We also planted orchards and there is a lot of general tidying up and making the farm more efficient. We get stuck in with everything and find a new direction for the farm to go in, making life easier for Mum and Dad."

In addition to this, animal lovers won't want to miss the arrival of Cairn Terrier puppies that feature midway through the series! 

Is there a trailer?

Yes! Matt added the trailer to his Instagram account giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect from the new documentary...