Valentine's Weekend In: Amazon Prime Video has you covered with four new watchlists

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So, it's Valentine's Day and you're stuck inside. If the idea that we're all universally stuck inside — except for the dummies who aren't — has stopped being of any comfort to you, don't worry. You're not alone. A love-themed weekend having the gal to show its face while we're all trapped in quarantine seems particularly rude, if you ask me. But, we are where we are.

Thankfully, Amazon Prime Video wants to be sure we're distracted from said loneliness. They've created four separate watch lists to fit everyone's viewing needs this weekend. Whether you've got your family, are taking things solo, are chilling with your significant other, or just want to have a nice binge-session with friends,  there's something on the list for you. 

Don't forget, Amazon Prime has Watch Party available so you can easily sync up with your friends and loved ones who aren't with you while you watch. Now, let's see what the streamer has to offer! 

Family Friendly Fun

Date Night In


Date Night Party of 1

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