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Midwife's Helen George: ‘We see behind Trixie’s smile in the new series’

Call the Midwife fans saw vicar Tom Hereward put a ring on it. But Helen George, who plays his midwife fiance Trixie, hints there’s heartache in store for the newly engaged couple.

Having watched the episode for the first time, Helen told What’s on TV: “This whole series shows a different side to Trixie. We’ll see behind the smile. We’re going to look at Trixie’s past and her relationship with her father, and how this has an affect on her relationship with Tom.”

In Sunday's series four premiere of Call the Midwife, Trixie was deeply affected by a heartbreaking case involving a family of neglected children, which brought her own unhappy childhood to the surface.

The normally bubbly nurse was also missing chums Cynthia and Jenny, who’ve moved away from Nonnatus House. And not even getting newcomer Barbara Gilbert (Fresh Meat’s Charlotte Richie) drunk as a lord lifted her spirits for long.

Tom’s proposal managed to end the episode on a high for the nurse, but Helen hinted that Trixie’s happiness might be short-lived…

“Trixie’s past has an effect on her and we’ll see her trying to deal with it through various coping mechanisms. I made a decision at the start of [filming] this series that Trixie would begin to take less and less care of herself.

“Throughout the series we’ll see Trixie lose weight because she stops looking after herself. There are big emotional and physical developments for her!”

Helen, who had small roles in Hotel Babylon (where she met her husband Oliver Boot), Doctors and The Three Musketeers, before landing the part of Trixie Franklin in 2012, said: “Working on Call the Midwife is something actors dream off. We’re so lucky to have it, and we know it!”

She added: “This new series feels really strong, and we’re all really proud of it. It’s going to be a real tearjerker.”

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