Archie to RISK JAIL in this shock Casualty twist? Star Genesis Lynea reveals more…

Archie in Casualty
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Will Archie take justice into her own hands? Casualty star Genesis Lynea reveals more, including Archie’s reaction to Connie Beauchamp’s return!

While treating a patient in Holby ED this week in Casualty doctor Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) makes a shocking discovery. This leads to a dramatic development and sees Archie contemplating revenge. Will Archie’s unjust experience at the hands of drug-addicted Connie Beauchamp drive her to break the law?

We talked to talented Casualty star Genesis Lynea, who plays fearless doctor Archie Hudson, to get the inside story…

Archie recently suffered a near-fatal stabbing while trying to expose clinical lead Connie Beauchamp’s drug addiction. What's motivating her to get stuck back into work?

Genesis Lynea: "Archie doesn’t want acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh (William Beck) to treat her like a kid. She’s ready to jump back into bigger things. I think that exemplifies her as a person. She’s not just going to lie in bed, she’s going to jump back into it!"

Archie by Vincent's bedside with Will and Jade

Doctor of justice. Something doesn't add up when Archie treats Vincent... (C) BBC (Image credit: BBC)

This week Archie treats acid attack victim, retired schoolmaster Vincent Millbank (Mad Dogs’ Tim Woodward). Meanwhile, doctor Will Noble treats Seb Sanderson, brought to the ED after being hit by a car. How does Archie react when she realises their cases are connected?

GL: "Archie’s moral compass is ticking away. She finds out more about Vincent and Seb and it strikes a chord. She’s been there and knows how it feels. She can’t stand for it! She does the right thing by calling the police. But then considers taking matters into her own hands… Initially when I read it, I thought it was a bit out of character, but now I don’t… It’s a juicy episode!"

Why does Archie contemplate crossing the thin blue line?

GL: "If Archie thinks she can help someone, even if she doesn’t know them well, she will. She doesn’t like anything that’s unjust, and that fuels her actions this week. It may lead to repercussions later!"

Connie and Archie in Resus. Recently Connie uncharacteristically made a near-fatal mistake and blamed Archie

'Archie will still have a massive grudge' against Connie when she returns, reckons Casualty star Genesis (Image credit: BBC)

Do you think she’s partly driven by the injustice she suffered at the hands of Connie?

GL: "I think she’s still holding on to that. I think when Connie (Amanda Mealing) comes back Archie will still have a massive grudge and want to ensure she’s being safe. What Connie did to Duffy was heart-breaking, she got Ciaran Coulson kicked out... and Archie did get stabbed! Those physical scenes were fun to film. I’d love a bit more of that. I’m always hinting at giving Archie a fight scene… maybe she could go to boxing classes!"

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At this point, does Archie know the full extend of Connie’s actions and addiction?

GL: "Yes, I think everyone knows but they’ve got to carry on and get on with it. Also, everybody loves Connie. Even Archie had a soft spot for her; Connie’s highly qualified and that’s why Archie came to the ED in the first place…"

Archie’s been on screen since March. Do you love her as much as we do?

GL: "I’ve been working on Casualty for nearly a year now – we film four months ahead, and it’s going so quickly. Though, it’s still strange watching myself on screen. I think Archie is great. She’s a good person, a good doctor, consistent and forgiving. She wants to change the world – but she doesn’t have enough hours in the day!"

Catch Archie in action in Casualty on Saturday 7th September 2019 at 8:40pm on BBC1

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