Casualty star Amanda Mealing: 'Connie's animal attraction for Sam is very much there'

Connie V Sam
Let the battle for the ED commence! (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Amanda Mealing reveals Connie Beauchamp is determined to tear strips off Sam Strachan and regain control of the Casualty ED. But is something else bubbling?

There are fireworks in the ED this Saturday on Casualty (BBC1, 9pm) when clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) declares war on medical director Sam Strachan (Tom Chambers).

As MD, Sam has the ED consultants – including Connie – re-interviewing for their jobs, with someone ultimately facing redundancy. It doesn’t help that Connie and Sam have a complicated personal history and a daughter, Grace, together. This week, Connie decides enough is enough, and decides to strike back. It’s a clash of the titans... but who will emerge victorious?

This week Sam holds job interviews with the ED consultants. How does Connie feel about this? "As demanding as Connie can be on the ED staff they are her team and she’s going to back them to the end. Connie decides she’s going to fight for them – and she loves a fight!"

Should we be worried for Sam? "She will fight Sam in every possible way. Connie’s a wily old cat! She also knows Sam really well so she knows how to play him. Connie’s going to use every possible weapon against him. It’ll be fun! It’s good fun to play as well. I do enjoy Connie."

How would you describe Connie and Sam’s complicated relationship? "It’s war of the roses. We’ll see some good scrapping coming up. It’s lovely playing opposite Tom Chambers because we know each other so well. Tom knows I may change the words once I get into a scene. Tom listens and reacts, and I’ll react to him, so you get a more natural flow. It makes for a great relationship both on and off screen."

Does Connie resent Sam’s presence in her life, both in the ED and with their daughter Grace? "Yes she does. But it works both ways. There is an attraction, but also an animosity between them. Sam knows Connie really well and knows how to press all her buttons. He does have a certain power because he’s Grace’s father and now he has power in the ED, too, because he’s the medical director. So that, for Connie, means it is all up for grabs and all on for battle!"

In the spring trailer there’s a moment where it looks like they are about to kiss. What can you tell us? "There’s still a very primal attraction between the two of them. There’s also sexual power there. Connie’s very attracted to power, intelligence and good looks - and Sam has all of those things. The animal attraction is very much there..."

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