Casualty's George Rainsford: 'Ethan couldn't cope with a love triangle!'

Casualty’s George Rainsford explains to What's on TV just why super smart medic Ethan is a tad slow when it comes to matters of the heart - and would never consider stringing both Lily and Honey along...

Tea lady Honey (Chelsee Healey) has made her feelings for Ethan clear. So what is holding him back from making a move?

“Ethan’s really attracted to Honey. She’s outgoing, bubbly, gorgeous and open about her feelings – and quite unlike the girl he previously liked. But their romance is thwarted by Ethan’s shyness and fear of failure.”

What do you think Honey sees in Ethan?

“I think Honey’s been mucked about by men before, but hopefully she sees in Ethan a gentleman who will treat her properly. The basis of their attraction is that they’re very different, but he’s got a good soul and I think that appeals to her.”

What reaction have you had to their mismatched romance?

“I’ve had some tweets from fans saying they hope Ethan and Honey will get together. But I’ve also had some tweets from people wondering about Ethan and Lily. They want to know if Honey is the conflicting relationship that would facilitate Ethan and Lily getting together. We’ll have to see!”

Crystal Yu hints that Lily isn’t that bothered at the moment!

“There are scenes coming up where Lily makes a couple of comments about Honey that rile Ethan. I don't think she realises Ethan likes Honey in that way!”

How do you think Ethan would cope in a love triangle with Lily and Honey?

“Not very well. If anything, if another person was involved, he’d use it as another excuse not to do anything. He’s nothing like his brother Cal. But it’s been nice to see Ethan asking Cal for advice on girls!”

Recently Chelsee Healey told us she was initially mortified about the strip club scenes. How did you find those filming days?

“It was such a surreal day. We filmed those scenes in the basement of a real strip club on one of the hottest days of the summer. I was in all of my Ethan wool, so it was horrendously hot, and everyone was very sheepish. The quickest way to silence a crew is to have lots of scantily clad dancers walking about! But by the end, everyone was used to it!”

It’s Valentine’s Day in the ED this week. Will viewers see Ethan finally tell Honey how he feels?

“It’s been a few weeks since Honey openly told Ethan she fancies him. Unfortunately, when her father Noel interrupted this, Ethan’s confidence was knocked. Ethan’s decided to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to repay Honey the compliment, but he has so many doubts about his own behaviour, so it’s hard for him.”

Before Ethan can work up the courage to give Honey her Valentine’s card, she gets some bad news. What can you reveal?

“Honey takes a phone call, which leaves her with a very difficult decision to make about leaving Holby to care for her Nan. I don’t think this is quite the end of Honey, but you’ll have to wait and see!”


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