Chloe Howman: ‘The ramifications of Mark’s return are massive!’

What’s on TV caught up with Casualty’s Chloe Howman, who revealed Rita’s first day in her new job as clinical nurse manager is ruined by the arrival of her jailbird husband Mark – and the disappearance of Connie’s daughter…

This week Rita starts her new job as Holby ED’s new clinical nurse manager. How do the team react to her promotion?

“Suddenly she’s the boss but everybody is really supportive. The way Rita deals with her nurses will be very different from the way Connie deals with her doctors. Rita’s not into hierarchy. There’ll be a sense of working together rather than telling them what to do.”

How does her first day go?

“This being Casualty her first day is a nightmare! The new job means a lot to Rita - it’s a chance to prove her professionalism after last year’s incident when her husband Mark came into the ED needing treatment.”

Remind us what happened…

“Rita stole husband Mark’s medical files because she didn’t want anyone to know he was her husband and a convicted paedophile. Although she came clean eventually, she jeopardised his life, so it’s a big slur on her.”

Bad luck that Mark (Ex-EastEnders Joel Beckett) is released from prison on the same day Rita starts her new job!

“Yes, when shows up at the hospital it couldn’t be worse for Rita! Mark turns up because he wants Rita back. The former teacher slept with a pupil, but he’s always maintained she was a predatory teenager and he was weak. Mark’s now saying he’s changed.”

Surely Rita isn’t considering taking him back?

“I really feel for her. He hurt her and destroyed their lives. She loves him but hates what he did.”

But then Connie’s young daughter Grace goes missing…

"It looks really shady. Rita’s gut tells her Mark didn’t take Grace, but the seeds of doubt are planted. After all, he did have sex with a minor. Rita begins to question if Mark’s even darker than she thought he was."

What does she do?

“There’s a moment of distress were Rita thinks she can handle this on her own, but then realises she can’t. She’s learned from her mistakes. But the ramifications of Grace going missing are massive!”

Did you enjoy the opportunity to work with Joel again?

“I love working with Joel Beckett. He’s a great actor and we had such fun together. I think we managed to create a chemistry that translates onto screen.”

A new uniform comes with the new job – were you excited by the prospect of a new costume?

“Do you know, I really was! Isn’t that silly? I really love the dark blue, I think it’s more complimentary.”

Patrick Robinson and Sunetra Sarker (doctors Ash and Zoe) have both done Strictly Come Dancing. Have you been offered any reality TV?

“I haven’t been asked but my husband jokes me and my dad (Karl Howman, Brush Strokes and EastEnders) should do Celebrity Big Brother! I love my dad but it would be the first CBB murder. If we were stuck in that house, we’d both go over the edge!”

To find out whether Rita rekindles her relationship with Mark, tune into Casualty on BBC1, Saturday at 9.15pm

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