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Tom Chambers stokes the Casualty romance: ‘It’s about time Grace had a brother or sister!’

Sam and Connie Casualty
<a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a>'s Connie and Sam give in to desire... (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Connie and Sam get intimate in a store cupboard in Casualty – will there be repercussions?

Last week, ex-lovers and ED co-workers Connie Beauchamp and Sam Strachan called an uneasy truce in Casualty.

This week, war turns to love when the pair give into their mutual attraction and end up in a passionate embrace in a hospital store cupboard! But what will it mean for their daughter, Grace?

Tom Chambers, who plays Sam Strachan, reveals what’s in store for Connie and Sam…

Let’s talk about Connie and Sam in a store cupboard. What can you reveal? "I was joking to Amanda Mealing (opens in new tab), who plays Connie, that it’s about time Grace had a brother or sister! But nothing like that is happening… There’s an amazing chemistry between Connie and Sam. You never know when she comes into a room whether she’s going to be hot or cold with Sam. He’s learned to roll his eyes, take it, or do things his own way – they’ve amazing character chemistry!"

How would you describe the tension between them? "Sexual! They’re both intelligent, highly skilled medics. So it’s like a Wimbledon rally! There’s nothing better than seeing two really skilled players battle it out. The tension is primal! Sam and Connie have always fancied each other and also hated each other. They’re excellent sparring partners!"

They’re also parents to Grace. Given their history could they ever be a family unit? "I think they’re in love with the idea of it, occasionally. But it’s never calm! You’ll never see them on the sofa watching a film. Even when they try to put on a front, like they did when it was Grace’s birthday (opens in new tab), they end up at each other’s throats."

Is this because they’re both so competitive? "Yes, it’s too much. They’re both career driven too, and when you’re that way half of you is always married to your job. Sam always feels he gives more of himself to Grace. He’s a committed father. Connie struggles with it more and at times can’t actually be there. And children need your time…"

Has Amanda mentioned how she sees it? "She’s said it's great that Sam’s the only one who can shoot Connie down. No one else can stand up to her. They have a child together so that puts them on more even terms."

Amanda told us (opens in new tab) you’re really attuned to her working methods, especially when she changes words… Were you aware of that? "Oh really? That’s nice! When I started at Holby City over 10 years ago and she would do that it never threw me. I knew she was changing the emphasis to make Connie even more entertaining for people. She’s never doing it to put anyone out, it’s all about making scenes work even better. I appreciate that. Amanda and I work well together. We like to keep it fresh and spontaneous and can change things that feel more natural to us."

So, what exactly happens in this store cupboard? "Sam and Connie are arguing this week about work when Sam opens a cupboard door and basically throws Connie into it, so they can continue arguing privately! She tries to leave, and he tries to stop her – and it grows into a very passionate reunion, with Sam flinging Connie against the medical shelves!"

Watch Casualty on BBC1 this Saturday at 9pm to find out whether Connie and Sam’s fling results in regrets or a reunion!

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