'Aidan Connor wants Alya to carry on his legacy' says Corrie star Sair Khan

Alya Nazir in Coronation Street
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After an angry showdown with bossy boots Carla at Underworld, Alya quits her job! But how will Alya react when she discovers she has inherited the factory?

What's the story? It was only a matter of time before Alya Nazir found out Aidan Connor bequeathed the factory to her rather than leave it to his family. The conniving Connor women have purposely left Alya in the dark while desperately trying to make out that Aidan wasn’t of sound mind when he made his will. But when Imran Habeeb sees a copy of the document, he immediately tells Alya who is determined to hang on to what is rightfully hers...

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Coronation Street star Sair Khan's interview with Soaplife about what's next for Alya Nazir...

Soaplife: How does Alya react when she discovers she has inherited Aidan's share of the factory?

Sair Khan: "Initially Alya’s in a state of total disbelief and shock but when she thinks about it, it makes sense because Aidan and Alya had a shared vision and it’s clear he wanted Alya to carry on his legacy."

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Aidan left the factory to Alya

S: There’s a lot of history between Carla and Alya, isn’t there?

SK: "Alya was Carla’s trainee assistant manager. Carla saw potential in Alya and Alya looked up to Carla. But for a long time Alya was against Carla because she thought that Carla had killed her dad, and by the time she found out that hadn’t happened, she had already tried to mess things up in the factory. Things got back on track a little bit after that but it was never quite the same."

S: What does the factory mean to Alya?

SK: "When Carla left, Alya took an instrumental role in running it and worked her way back up. The factory was robbed and everyone was out of a job but Alya rallied the troops – she’s put a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into it. It means a lot to her."

S: Before Alya finds out the factory is rightfully hers, she and Carla are at loggerheads, aren’t they?

SK: "Alya is trying to keep her and Aidan’s vision alive, and she has a very strong, unique idea about where the factory’s heading, but Carla keeps undermining her, which is really unfair. There’s lots of friction there because Alya doesn’t believe in what Carla is doing and doesn’t think it’s what Aidan would have wanted. At one point, Alya storms out, telling Carla she can stick her job! Shortly afterwards, Alya’s told that she owns the factory."


S: Do you think that Alya can run the factory successfully without Carla?

SK: "Yes, 100 per cent! However, she does need help and support. She needs her family, who believe in her, but also the factory workers. They are the cogs in the machine that keep everything running."

S: What advice would you give Alya?

SK: "Stay strong, stay focused, believe in what you are doing and as long as you have the support of your family, you can do this."

S: Have the Connors met their match?

SK: "Undoubtedly. Alya is no pushover. It’s a real reversal of fortune. When Alya first started, she was young, naive and didn’t know the business world very well, but that’s changed."

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