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Cilla and Waterloo Road star Melanie Hill joins Coronation Street

(Image credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Roy Cropper may see some light at the end of his tunnel of grief when Melanie Hill joins the cast of Coronatio Street.

Melanie's best known for roles in classic sitcom Bread, as well as Playing the Field and Waterloo Road.

She said: "I'm chuffed to bits to be joining the cast of my favourite soap. I and my family grew up watching it and to actually be working on it is a dream come true."

She'll be introduced on Coronation Street as Cathy Matthews, who owns an allotment beside Roy and Sharif's plot. They'll strike up a friendship (and more?) through their mutual love of the allotment and the fact they're both grieving recently deceased partners.

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Recently widowed, Cathy is an engaging yet sometimes chaotic woman. Though her indecision can drive her friends mad, behind the vulnerable front is a woman who truly does have a heart of gold. Gentle, kind and intelligent she has more to offer than she knows and in Roy she'll find a friend who will ultimately bring out the best in her."

Stuart continued: “We are delighted that Melanie Hill has agreed to join us and take on the role. Familiar I'm sure to our audience, Melanie is an incredible actress who I know will soon propel Cathy to the heart of Coronation Street.”

Melanie, who played Cilla's mum in last year's award-winning ITV biopic, will be seen on Coronation Street from late April.