Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd: ‘David would definitely dob in Sarah rather than Kylie!’

David’s desperate to cover up Callum’s murder - and Sarah’s just as desperate to reveal all. Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd tells Soaplife what David does next

Isn’t David freaked out by Callum’s body buried next to the kitchen?

“David has to hold it together because the alternative is prison. He can see that Sarah [Tina O’Brien] is losing her mind and Kylie’s not far behind her, so if he doesn’t hold it together who does? Callum’s going to be there forever and that’s hard to live with, but David’s far more freaked by the prospect of the truth getting out.

"David’s desperate not to lose his own little family so he has to step up and try and hold it all together for them.”

Does the appearance of Callum’s mum unnerve him?

“That angers him more like. David knows he must put a stop to it. When people come to the Platts to talk about Callum, he can see Kylie [Paula Lane], but especially Sarah start to lose it.”

So he thinks Sarah’s the weakest link?

“Yes, David’s watching Sarah like a hawk, making sure she doesn’t leave his sight or talk to anybody. She’s a ticking time bomb and David’s trying to defuse her.”

Then he realises she’s been speaking to Billy the vicar…

“David asks her if she’s planning a confession. He insists on knowing exactly what she’s said.”

What’s Sarah’s reply?

“She says she didn’t confess - she just told Billy [Daniel Brocklebank] that she’d been beaten up by her ex and things had got out of hand. She says she didn’t tell Billy it was Callum [Sean Ward]. David’s fuming and tells her that of course Billy will think it’s Callum!”

What happens?

“David’s forced to threaten to shut her up before she says anything to anyone else.”


“Sarah’s his sister, but if push came to shove David would definitely dob Sarah in rather than Kylie. I think he’d just try to blame it all on Sarah, say she did everything and get her sent down.” 

It’s inevitable Callum’s body will be found, isn’t it?

“At the moment I’m just enjoying the story and trying to work out who’s going to crack and talk first, because I’m sure more people will find out about the body before it’s dug up!”

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