Coronation Street star admits Gary and Maria ‘probably won’t be’ together this time next year

Coronation Street star Mikey North as Gary Windass
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Who said romance was dead?

Coronation Street’s Gary Windass and Maria Connor defied many viewers’ expectations earlier this week by getting hitched - in a service that had a pitiful three guests and lacked the “You may kiss the bride” moment due to social distancing regulations, but did feature a memorable line from David Platt, who asked the happy couple to “Show us yer rings.”

Maria and Gary wedding Coronation Street ITV

Maria with Gary on her 'happy' day...but how long will she be smiling?

But according to actor Mikey North (opens in new tab), who plays Gary, there’s little chance of Mr and Mrs Windass living happily ever after. In fact, the 33 year old reckons their marriage won’t even make the twelve month mark.

Asked by if he thought the couple would still be together this time next year, the star says: “That’s a great question! I would be interested to see which way it goes, and I genuinely have no idea, so my guess is that they probably won’t be.

“But who knows? This is the world of soap, so we’ll see what happens.”

The union certainly seems thwarted, as Maria has no idea that her husband is a killer - and is likely to have more than just a strop if she ever finds out. Last year, Gary memorably murdered loan shark Rick Neelan in self defence, who had threatened to not only kill him but also do away with his then girlfriend Sarah, and her kids Bethany and Harry. He is also inadvertently responsible for the death of Rana Habeeb in the Underworld roof collapse.

Gary kills Rick Coronation Street

Gary murdered Rick in self defence last year and buried his body in Beacon Woods

“If Maria found out he was a killer, I think that would be it,” adds North. “She’s given him one too many chances already.”

Maria is also unaware that Gary still holds a flame for Sarah, and recently admitted to her that he loved her, after getting struck by a car whilst saving her life.

North insists that Gary does love Maria, but admits that Gary and Sarah have an unbreakable bond, especially as they know each other’s darkest secrets - she knows that he killed Rick, while he knows the truth about what happened to her drug-dealing ex lover, Callum Logan.

“I think Gary is going to try and make a future with Maria, and try and put this behind him,” he tells us. “But I guess that will probably be harder than it sounds.

There's a charged moment between Gary and Sarah

Gary and Sarah shared a 'moment' shortly before his and Maria's wedding

“The problem is that if Gary had had his way, he and Sarah would never have broken up. The worst things he has done in his life were all for Sarah and to try and make a future with her, and that led to their downfall.

“She was the love of his life, 100 per cent, and he was so happy with her - the happiest he’s ever been - until all his money worries set in. He will always have feelings for her, but he’s got to try and put that behind him.”

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